How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)

In the today’s world, it’s very hard for most of the people to imagine what would happen if internet stops working. Also, it takes a lot of patience to deal with a slow internet connection. That’s why lot’s of peoples searching on google that “How to Make Internet Faster“. Having a slow internet connection may cause many problems such as buffering, low video quality etc. So, If you are tired of having a slow internet connection,  Then here are some tips and tricks which will help you to speed up the internet connection.

5 Ways to Make Your Internet Faster

How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)

1. Find Problem with your Wi-Fi to Make Internet Faster

It’s not only the software which always causes the internet connection problem, your hardware can affect that too. So, we recommend you to check your Wi-Fi and analyze it whether it’s working correctly or not. You can check your Wi-fi with the help of Offcom Wi-fi checker app that runs on your smartphone and detects the problem in the Wi-fi. Just go to google play and download the app to check if there are any problems with your Wi-fi Router. In Short, It’s the best and basic trick that will help you to get a faster internet connection.

Mobile & Broadband Checker
Mobile & Broadband Checker
Developer: Ofcom
Price: To be announced

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2. Change your DNS Server to Make Internet Faster

How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)

The DNS is just like the internet phonebook, mapping website names like to a specific device where is website is hosted. For instance, when you access a website, your computer has to look up the DNS addresses and your choice of DNS will affect the speed of your internet connection. So, it becomes necessary to change the DNS address to get a faster internet connection. For this purpose, you can download the Wi-fi Stumbler app from the play store that will change your DNS address.

3. Find and Destroy Adware to Make Internet Faster

How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)Adware and Spyware are the programs nearly impossible to uninstall once they have been installed. Some are harmless, while the others are dangerous and could make a hit on your privacy. However, it doesn’t matter how harmful, they always just gobble up your bandwidth, which leads to a slow internet connection. Depending on your device type, there are many tools and Softwares made that are specially designed to remove the adware. Also, these tools will help you to improve your internet speed. The best solution is just to avoid all kinds of adware and spyware altogether by never downloading them.

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4. Set Network Security to Get Faster Internet

How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)Setting up network security could be a good choice to avoid all kinds of unwanted intrusion. Always make sure that your router and switches are properly configured and password protected. So, here are the steps to protect your router from getting hacked.

  • Turn on the Firewall
  • Enable Password Protection
  • Change the name of the Wi-Fi Router
  • Enable the MAC Feature and logging feature
  • Disable the remote administration

5. Limit Background Activity to Get Faster Internet

How to Make Your Internet Faster (5 Ways)Sometimes, programs will remain open or be running in the background which will cause a high-speed loss and connectivity problems. When there are many unwanted programs just hogging the memory of your device, it slows down the whole system. So, just make sure that there are no unwanted programs are running in the background. If there are any programs running, then just stop them. This trick will help you to make your internet connection faster than ever.


That’s it! Above are the best solutions which will help you to make your internet faster. So, go ahead and try out each method to examine which one works for you. Also, If you have any other trick to boost the internet connection speed, Then feel free to tell us about that in the comment section below.

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