How to buy Software at the Best Price Online

Nowadays, people prefer to buy everything online due to the level of simplicity and convenience. The same happens in the market for computer software. There are a large number of software sold on different online platforms. Here are few of the third-party marketplaces discussed below: 

  • G2A – It is one of the world’s largest market place for digital products. Headquartered is in Hong Kong, it has its offices in many other countries as well. It is considered to be best not only because it provides a platform for easy buying but also because it’s safe. 
  • Kinguin – It is one of the most popular and secure platforms to buy computer software. The best part is that unlike many other platforms, they provide 24/7 customer service care to resolve your problems. 
  • eBay – Apart from many other essential goods, eBay also sells computer software. From the feedback and reviews, it can be said that if you spend time understanding the product descriptions, you can enjoy a good purchase. 

How to buy Software at the Best Price Online

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Issues with online Software selling platforms: 

There are various advantages of buying online software, which has made online software selling platforms extremely popular. You can instantly download the software after comparing the features and prices. There are also various disadvantages of online purchase of software discussed below: 

  1. If you have purchased your computer software online and the company sends you the physical product, you notice that it does not match its detailed description. The product usually delivered is hampered, defective, or malfunctioning. Sometimes it even happens that the product does not support your computer system. 
  2. Most of the time, the product you receive does not contain the required product activation key or password to run on your systems. It contains false passwords, or even that are missing. 
  3. If you are lucky enough to get the product codes or passwords or the license, the software stops working in the middle. It expires before the mentioned date. 
  4. Another significant issue is the customer help center. As soon as the product sale is complete, they back off from any help. The support staff would not be available on any platform such as the chatbox, emails, or calls. 

Most of us have been victims of software scams, and some are hesitant to buy software online as they feel they might get cheated. In such scenarios, Dealarious is a must-try. 

Dealarious – An online software purchasing store

Dealarious Store is the most reliable online portal to buy software at great discounts. You can rely on it with closed eyes. Through their continuous efforts to serve customers with their trustworthy products, Dealarious has gained immense credibility compared to that of its competitors. Dealarious is working tremendously to fight the hesitation problems of the buyers. 

Owned by one of the well-known tech platforms, Blogsolute Media, Dealarious was introduced in 2014 as a trustworthy website to beat other sites that provide false promises and manipulate the customers. The founders of Dealarious were very concerned about the matter of fraud and decided to bring a solution. They wanted to help potential customers to believe in the genuineness of the online software purchase. For which, they introduced certain practices in their method of working and post-sales service, thereby making it a standout in the tech industry. Dealarious also has an impressive rating of 4.8/5 on the Shopper Approved. 

Below are some of the reasons that prove how Dealarious is different from other online software purchasing websites. 

How is Dealarious different? 

The Dealarious team properly focuses on both the pre-sales as well as the post-sales service. Before making the purchase, they provide you with all the necessary information regarding the product with self-tried and tested reviews on every product. Unlike the websites that focus on gaining large customers by giving fake discount promises, Dealarious offers only genuine discounts. Some of the featured brands that we could spot were Bitdefender, Avast, Techsmith, Cyberghost, Movavi, IObit, etc.

Excellent support: The Dealarious store has a brilliant support service at any point in the day. The entire team believes in resolving any query that comes from its respective customers. They do not back off or show unavailability when the buyer experiences any inconvenience with the product purchased. They welcome all the queries with maximum support and solution without disappointing any day or time of the year. Though their live support is not active most of the time, they have quick and efficient email support.

Fresh content: Here on Dealarious, you have an enormous variety of content ranging from the kind of products available to its description. Dealarious has a separate section for the blogs, which educates the buyers of the product’s necessary information and details. They also provide a lot of coupons and discounts almost all the time. Dealarious has lower prices of products as compared to other sellers. 

Trustworthy reviews: The team individually goes through the details of the product as they use it themselves, which is how they can support you with any possible query regarding almost any product. Products are put up on the website only after the genuineness of the product is tried and tested. So, the reviews which are released are reliable. 

Clean refund policy: Dealarious Store provides you a distinct, direct, and easy refund policy. Unlike other online platforms where you have to struggle to register your complaint, wait for responses, go through numerous channels, and chat support for a refund. You can easily apply for a refund. However, please note that to get a refund on technical issues, you have to provide proof of the error. Most of the time, a simple screenshot is enough. Hence, once it is approved, the amount gets credited to your account within a few hours. Apart from this, Dealarious also takes responsibility if the products stop working before the expiry date. To compensate for any inconvenience, they replace the product subscription and give you additional time to use the product.


In short, Dealarious Store is a great find for people who want to save the most on online software purchases. If you are in doubt, due to the too good to be true prices, you can use PayPal as the payment method. The payments are handled by 2Checkout, which is a reputed payment processor.

The only drawback is the less number of products they have. When we got in touch with Dealarious support, they informed us that they were cautious with product selection.

Hence, we had an excellent overall purchase experience with Dealarious. 

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