Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

Hello guys, today in this article i am going to show you top 10 android hidden features which are impressive. Nowadays lot’s of users using the Android smartphone. So they also want to know more things about their mobile. In an Android smartphone, many of things are normal. But some the other features also available on your device, about which you must know. Here in below article. i will provide you some of hidden android tricks and hacks.

Top 10 Hidden Android Features

Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

1 – Simulate Color Space

I am definitely sure that many of users don’t know about this hidden android trick. You can change your display color means you can add some of filters in your display. Or this feature will also helpful for your eyes. If you want to enable and use into your device than follow below given short instruction.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. First go to Settings >> Developer Mode.
  2. Now find Simulate Color Space.
  3. Then select any filter like Red-Green, Blue-Yellow or whatever you want.
  4. That’s it.

2 – Using Google Chrome To Access File Directory

Guys you can use your google chrome browser as a file manager. i don’t know it is useful for you or not. But i think you should know about this android hidden feature. If you want to access your files or folders in google chrome then follow given below steps.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. Open Google Chrome browser on your Android Mobile
  2. Then type file:///sdcard/ on URL bar and hit search.

3 – Enable Higher Graphic Render Option

If you are a game lover then this trick is only for you. With this, you can play heigh graphics games in your android phone without any problem. If you want to enable it then follow given below steps.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. Go to Settings >> Developer Options.
  2. Then Find and Enable Force 4x MSAA.

4 – Stop Android Activities Completely After Closing It

If your phone’s processor is slow then i think this feature is helpful for you. Sometimes many of application running in your android device. You can close it manually, but many of users forget this thing. So in this case if your device’s processor is slow then your device will also perform slowly. If you will use this feature then your device will not run any application in background. Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. Go to your phone Settings -> Developer Options.
  2. Tap on Don’t keep activities.
  3. After this, you can rollback settings by unticking this.

5 – Reduce Battery Consumption By Altering Animation Effects

You can save your battery and fast your android phone performance by using this hidden feature. Because it will reduce your animation scale time. You can try it by following given below steps.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. Go to Settings -> Developer Options.
  2. Now Scroll down and find for Window animation scale Animator duration scale, Transition animation scale.
  3. After that adjust the scale and set it to select the .5x in all options.

6 – Controlling the Data Usage

Many of users already know about the feature. Peoples using it for checking data usage. But you can also manage your data usage by using it. You can set the maximum data limit for a particular date. If you activated 1GB data pack in your SIM and if your whole data is finished then internet will not stop working. They will detect your balance. So you can save your balance in this condition by using this awesome feature.

How to?  Open settings > Data Usage > Set Mobile Data Limit, here you can configure the data limit.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

7 – Android Device Manager

You can track your device location by using it. Many of users already know about it. If your device is lost and android device manager is enabled then you can track your device easily. Or you can also beep your device or erase your all data of your phone. If you want to enable it then follow…Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

Settings > Lock Screen and Security > Other Security Settings > Device Administrators > Turn on “Android Device Manager.”

8 – Using Google Maps Offline

Google maps is one of the very useful product of google. If you want to go anywhere then it will navigate you to find the easy route. Lots of users think that it works only when your device connected with the internet. But many of users don’t know that you can save offline route in google map fora particular selected area.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

  1. Open Google map.
  2. Now Navigate to the location where you want to go.
  3. Then open sidebar and then select “Your Places.”
  4. Now click on  Select a new offline map.
  5. Now choose any name and save the map.
  6. It will now download the complete map of selected area. Now you can access Google Maps without your internet connection of a particular selected area.

9 – Sending And Receiving Your Android SMS on PC

You can send and receive messages of your android phone in your PC. You have to download Airdroid in your phone. Now you have to open in your PC. And finally you have to scan QR Code like whatsapp web. Then you can use your sms service in your PC.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

10 – Using The Power Button To End Call

This is very common feature, but it’s very useful sometimes. If you are in a important meeting and you can not pick up the call then the person think that you ignoring him/her.most of the time our thumb is near the power button. So, with this feature  you can easily end the ongoing call.Top 10 Hidden Android Features 2019

For enable this feature follow :- Settings > Accessibility then search for  ‘Power Button Ends Call” and enable it.

Final Words

I hope you guys love this post. If you know about any other hidden android feature then comment down below. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends. I will be back with another interesting post for you. Bye Bye 😛 .

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