Solution: Headphone Jack Not Working Properly

Do you love to listen to music while driving working or even cooking? If yes, then you might have faced some common headphone issues. The most common issue which had been faced by a lot of people is their headphone jack not working properly. This can be an extremely frustrating situation, especially for those who love to listen to music every day with their headphones.Solution: Headphone Jack Not Working Properly

How to Solve the Issue When Headphones not Working Properly?

Audio jack not working is a sign of a hardware problem, but sometimes the hardware isn’t only the potential culprit. So, Try the following steps below to figure out if your headphone jack is broken or it’s just a minor problem which you can try fixing yourself.

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1. Clean Your Headphone Jack

Solution: Headphone Jack Not Working ProperlyMost of the people keep their mobiles in their pockets, which are full of dust and lint that can find its way to headphones jack. If enough dust or lint builds up in the headphone jack, then it will block the connection between the jack and headphones, which will cause trouble. To check if the lint is your problem, below are the steps which you can follow:

  1. Firstly, shine a light on the headphone jack to check whether there’s lint or not.
  2. If you suspect the lint, then blow into the headphone jack or you can try putting some compressed air in it.
  3. If the lint is tightly packed into the headphone jack, then you can try cotton swab. Just remove most of the cotton from one end of a cotton swab.
  4. Then, dunk the one end of cotton into the alcohol and insert that end into the headphone jack.

If this process cleanse your headphone jack, but your jack still not working, then you must try out next methods to resolve the issue.

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2. Try Using Other Headphones

Solution: Headphone Jack Not Working ProperlyThe next thing you need to do is check whether the headphones are working correctly or not? The only way to check this you can try to connect other headphones to your device. But, keep in mind to use the one, which works perfectly on your device.

Plug them into your device, try listening to music, watching videos, making calls. If everything working fine, then the problem is your headphones, not the headphone jack.

So, try replacing your old headphones with the new one. Also, if the problem still persists then you must follow our next method.

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3. Restart Your Phone

Solution: Headphone Jack Not Working ProperlySometimes, the problem has not been due to the headphone or jack you are using. If this is the case, then you can try restarting your phone. Following are the steps which you can follow to restart your device:

  1. Press and Hold the Power Key on your Phone.
  2. Then, Tap on the Restart Option.
  3. Now, wait for few seconds and your phone will be restarted.
  4. Once done, connect your headphones and try listening to music, making calls etc.


That’s it! These are the possible solutions which you can try when your headphones not working properly. We hope this post helped you find a possible solution for the problem. If you found it helpful, then don’t forget to share it with others who are looking for the same. Also, if you have any doubts related to this post, then feel free to contact us through the comment section below.

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