Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020

Looking for Hamachi Alternatives? PC games are booming in the past few years. A lot of these games are online multiplayer games. But there exists a large group of people who still like to play local multiplayer games on their PC. To do that they need to configure a Local LAN router and connect each other PCs to this network.Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020

This is known as LAN party. A popular software back in days was Hamachi. But now there are much better hamachi alternatives available for LAN parties. So, today in this guide we will tell you about the best hamachi alternatives available out there:

The Best Hamachi Alternatives

Hamachi has its limitations as it can only connect up to 5 clients in a virtual including the host in the free subscription.

To cover that, new hamachi alternatives were introduced in the market which serves as an excellent alternative to hamachi and comes with extra features. So, let’s cut it out and talk about the programs like hamachi for a LAN party.

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1. Tunngle

Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020It is one of the best hamachi alternative out there which is made by gamers for gamers. The Tunngle community is only focused on the gaming world as it is focused on LAN gaming only. You can also add games to your profile when you sign up for the Tunngle community.

Furthermore, the Tunngle program comes with its own powerful firewall protection for security. You can also host a Private Network with 225 members. It also has an ad-free forum where you can meet and greet with other gamers.

Download Tunngle

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2. Evolve

Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020Evolve has grown rapidly in the world of LAN party gaming. It is the best alternative to hamachi as reviewed by many gamers. Evolve offers many its network adapters with built-in drivers for seamless communications. It also holds a game market where you can download and publish your games too.

Evolve also have advanced features like party mode, matchmaking mode and integrated live streaming plugins for facebook, twitch and youtube. It also has text/voice chatting options which make it a good hamachi alternative.

Download Evolve

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3. GameRanger

Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020GameRanger was the first hamachi alternative which came out for Mac OS. Due to growing popularity of the software, it introduced the Windows version as well. It was trustful LAN gaming party solutions for Mac gamers.

It is the best alternative to hamachi if we talk about stability. Nothing is more stable like GameRhanger. However, GameRanger works only with limited game titles where hamachi works with every game you can think of.

GameRanger Support many games like Act of War: Direct Action, Aliens vs Predator 2, etc you can check the games list by just clicking here.

Download GameRanger

4. NetOverNet

Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020If you’re looking for programs like Hamachi with not so complicated settings and preferences. Then you will like NetOverNet. It is a simple but functional alternative to hamachi. You can connect with multiple devices at the same time while connected to the internet.

It can also be used as a VPN emulator. If you’re using NetOverNet, then each device connected to the network will have its login credentials. Which adds up extra security for the users.

Download NetOverNet

5. Wippien

Top 5 Best Hamachi Alternatives of 2020It is one of the smallest hamachi alternatives out there. Just 2 MB in size but still quite functional. It’s for the peeps who don’t want to install unnecessary big programs on their pc. Its very easy and simple to use program.

It connects other computers with P2P connection protocol for VPN connection. And unlike other programs like hamachi, it is completely free and on top of that open source. Just cherry on top of the cake.

Download Wippien


Well, guys, these are the best alternatives to hamachi which we know so far. Let us know if you know any other worthy options in the comment box below. Thanks for reading, and share this article with your friends.

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