5 Similar Games Like Stellaris You Should Definitely Try for Once

Way back in 2016, Stellaris was launched and since then, it has created a buzz in the space strategy gaming genre. The story begins with the aliens having control over the entire space. Different empires are growing all around you and you have to be part of one of them.Games Like Stellaris

Throughout the gameplay, you have to make trade relations with your alliances while defending your empire from the invaders. With amazing gameplay and graphics, Stellaris went viral and a lot of people started loving it. Looking at the success of Stellaris, many companies launched their own version of Stellaris.

Some of the similar games like Stellaris were quite entertaining and worth trying. So, here we have provided you with the best games like Stellaris that you would love to play.

Best Games Like Stellaris You Can Play to Kill Boredom

1. Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 is one of the best games like Stellaris in which players have to make a choice among five different races each one of them having unique traits and perks. You have to grow your empire while taking care of the survival needs of your army.Endless Space 2

There are hundreds of planets around you that can be colonized and you have to explore those planets to find items necessary for expansion. Throughout the entire storyline, the key to success is to do research as much as possible so that you can uncover the secrets hiding behind the huge space.

2. Rebel Galaxy

Rebel Galaxy is another gem among similar games like Stellaris whose gameplay takes place in an open-world space environment. Throughout the storyline, you have to indulge in several combats in a randomly chosen spacecraft. Players have been provided with different abilities and weapons which they can use while fighting with alien players.Rebel Galaxy

Apart from this, players can make use of these abilities to perform some additional activities like hunting, pirating etc. All of these activities will reward you with the items needed to progress further. The game can be played on devices like Xbox and Playstation.

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3. Royal Bounty HD

Royal Bounty HD is another popular game taking place in the old 1990 era where players are indulging in combats for dominance. As a leading character, you control a hero whose primary objective is to travel through different places to gather gold coins and weapons.Royal Bounty HD

The more gold coins you will have, the faster your stats will upgrade. There are a total of 4 continents to travel across and along the way, you will find different enemies trying to stop you. You can use your skills and army to tackle them so that you can progress further.

4. Starbound

Starbound is one of the similar games like Stellaris that takes you to an entirely new planet after the destruction of the planet earth. Being thrown out of the planet with no direction, you have been lost in the entire sea of stars. Your journey to find the way to home begins here.Starbound

Along the way, you will come across different planets which you can explore to find items like food and power-ups. While travelling, there are several quests and missions which you would require to accomplish so that you can progress further.

5. Kerbal Space Program

Kerbal Space Program is another gem among similar games like Stellaris taking place on a planet named Kerbin. Being a leading character, you control a space centre where several research programs have been carried out. There are several components provided to you.Kerbal Space Program

Players can make use of these components to craft rockets, spaceships and weapons. Once crafted, these rockets can be launched to other planets to uncover the secrets and mysteries buried there. You can play it on devices like Windows, macOS, Linux, Playstation 4 etc.

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So, these were the best gaming titles having similar, but unique gameplay like Stellaris. We hope you love the idea of trying out these similar games like Stellaris. If you found them worth trying, then do share them with your friends to let them know about these amazing gaming titles.

Do you have any gaming titles to suggest? If yes, do contact us through the comment section below.

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