5 Incredible Games Like House Party

Playing games has always been one of our favourite things to do since childhood. Out of all the other gaming titles, House Party was the one that I use to play a lot whenever I felt like boring. With an engaging storyline and amazing graphics, it has won the hearts of many gaming fans from around the globe.Games Like House Party

If you’ve finished playing the house party, but still want something similar to it? If yes, then we’ve handpicked some best games like a house party and gonna share them with you as follows:

Best Games Like House Party You Can Try to Entertain Yourself

1. Porno Studio Tycoon

Porno Studio Tycoon is one of the best similar games like house party that revolves around running a successful adult movie business. As a leading player, you’ve to undertake several tasks to such as recording movies, editing them and marketing the same to the entire world.Porno Studio Tycoon

Throughout the gameplay, you’ll have a lot of decisions to be made. Each and every decision will result in a different outcome that will decide the success or failure of your studio.

2. Small Sister

Small Sister is another gem among similar games like house party in which players have to live in a house with some strangers. As a leading character, you’ve to interact with the strangers living in the house. You will get reward points for healthy interaction and the goal is to collect as many reward points as possible.Small Sisters

Players having the highest number of reward points will win the game. Despite having interactions, players will also need to perform some tasks to unlock levels and missions.

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3. Hairy Little Buggers

Hairy Little Buggers is a popular game all about the journey of little dwarves building tunnels, tools and fighting battles to protect their home. The story begins when some goblins attack them and try to take control of their tunnels.Hairy Little Buggers

As a leading character, you’ve to manage the efforts of dwarves and train them to fight against the evil goblins. You can make use of different weapons and tools to protect your homeland from goblins.

4. Genital Jousting

Genital Jousting is an online multiplayer game in which more than eight players are competing in an open world environment for dominance. Players have to control a detached penis that comes along with an anus. The goal is to either penetrate or be penetrated.Genital Jousting

The game also gives you the ability to customize the genitals as they come in all sizes and colours. The player who survives and remains unpenetrated wins the game.

5. Roommates

Roommates is a dating simulation game whose story takes place on a college campus. The game offers you different characters and you can choose the one which suits you better. Throughout the gameplay, you’ve to control the chosen character and spend his lives with other room tenants.Roommates

You’ve to perform some additional tasks like dating girls and impress them which in return will reward you with gold coins. You can use these coins to buy food and clothes for your character.

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Final Words

So, these were the best games like house party which you can play to kill the boredom. We hope these games make you smile and entertain you in the same way as house party did. If you liked our gaming list, then do share it with your friends, family and relatives.

Also, if we forget to add any other similar gaming title, then let us know about it in the comment section below. We would love to hear from our readers.

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