5 Best Games Like HearthStone that will Keep You Busy

Ever since our childhood, all of us have grown playing different games on gaming consoles. When the internet wasn’t there, it was the only way to entertain ourselves. If I talk about myself, Hearthstone was the one that made my childhood entertaining and joyful.Games Like HearthStone

Since then, I’ve become an adult, but hearthstone still brings a smile on my face whenever I play it. If you’re also like me, then you might be looking for some similar games like hearthstone. If yes, then we’ve handpicked some best games like hearthstone for you.

So, let’s have a look at those best games like hearthstone as follows:

Similar Games Like HearthStone Every Gamer Should Play

1. Gwent

Gwent is another popular card game whose gameplay is quite similar to Hearthstone. The game begins with a table on which a deck of cards is placed. Each player has to take one card out of the deck whenever his turn comes. The more power cards a player will have, higher the points a player will gain.Gwent

There are a total of three rounds and the goal is to win two out of three rounds so that the game comes to an end. The player having the highest number of points wins the game. You can play it either single or multiplayer mode.

2. Magic Duels

Magic Duels is another gem among similar games like hearthstone in which each player has a deck of cards. There are two types of cards in the deck – lands and spells. The land cards can be used for generating “mana”, whereas the other ones can be used to cast spells while playing a card round.Magic Duels

Throughout the round, players can compete with either computer opponents or real players from all around the globe. With each round, you’ll gain points and the player who has won the highest number of points will be the winner.

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3. Artifact

Artifact is one of the best card games like hearthstone in which players can take part in one-on-one battles with real players. Each player has a deck of cards and each deck has 40 cards in it. Each card comes with a different ability causing different effects on the board.Artifact

For each round, you’ll receive gold coins that you can exchange for buying upgrades and more powerful cards. Players can access it on devices such as Windows, macOS, and Linux, with their versions planned to launch for Android and iOS.

4. The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The Elder Scrolls: Legends is another best card game in which two opponents compete for dominance. Each player has a deck of cards to compete with his opponents. The game starts when a player takes off three cards and deploy the same on the table.The Elder Scrolls: Legends

The cards drawn will have an impact on the opponent’s health points and the player having the least amount of health loses the game. As the player wins a round, his level will rise and he will gain advanced skills to counter strong opponents.

5. Lords of Waterdeep

Lords of Waterdeep is one of the best games like hearthstone in which players take control of masked lords to rule a city. The story begins with the lords giving a command to their agents to accomplish a number of quests to earn rewards.Lords of Waterdeep

The more rewards a lord will have, the higher the influence he will have over the city. Players can place different agents at different places to perform tasks like collecting money and gather resources to progress further in the journey.

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Final Words

That’s it for now. We’ve provided you with the best similar games like hearthstone which you can play right now. I hope these games bring your childhood back. If you found our list useful, then do share it with your friends, family and relatives.

Did we forget to add any other gaming title? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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