See Tips for Gaining Thousands of Instagram Followers and Boost Your Base

Many users have been so successful with Instagram that they make social networking their profession, whether showing their routine or advertising and influencing people. With more than a billion users, Instagram is now one of the favorite social networks of Internet users – and advertising. However, one question pervades those who would like to boost their base in the app: how to get 1k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes

Can an ordinary person really become famous and reach thousands of users on Instagram? In some cases, yes, if you follow some tips. 

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2. Define who your target audience is

Who do you want to talk to? Depending on the product, service or content you offer, there are groups of people who may be more interested and, consequently, more likely to become followers.

If you are the owner or an agency that does the marketing of a network of cram schools, you certainly want to apply as a follower.

Do you work for a cool surfboard e-commerce? It should attract young people who live in cities with a beach or who like to travel to the coast to surf.

If you are an obstetrician, the ideal is to win female followers who plan to have children. Defining your audience is essential for your Instagram strategy to work and what takes us to the next step.

3. Invest in good images

Whether with time to produce them or with the help of a photographer, investing in good images is essential! In this way, you guarantee the production of photos that are understandable to those who see them and that are beautiful.

And what will make your images great for your audience are the following elements:

The story she tells;

  • The feeling it awakens (can bring memories, humor, willingness to act, joy and the like);
  • The lighting and filters used;
  • A context that has synergy with the topics covered in your Instagram profile.

It is worth remembering that, depending on the type of profile, some feature of the photo should be prioritized. A travel Instagram will require very beautiful photos of destinations to tour, for example. The profile of a comedian, on the other hand, doesn’t need beautiful photos, but very funny ones!

So, understand what is the best image for your audience and invest efforts in producing them!

See Tips for Gaining Thousands of Instagram Followers and Boost Your Base

4. Always use geolocation

Putting the location in photos, stories and description helps your profile to be found.

Its content is associated with those places you have marked and will be shown whenever it is relevant to the location.

5. Choose good times to publish

At what times and days of the week do your photos receive the most comments and likes? Observe this by checking your Instagram to define the best time to post.

And why does that make a difference? Because the more you reach a photo, the more people will notice it, which increases the possibility that this image will be considered relevant for other people in hashtags, geolocation and Discover on Instagram.

Remember that there is no better standard time. Typically, the best days and times for a profile to share your photos are when your followers are online.

Start executing your strategy to gain followers on Instagram now!

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