Free vs. Paid VPN: The Difference You Must Know About

Keeping the benefits of VPN in mind, you might feel tempted to use it. However, it comes across in free and premium options. Each of them has unique advantages to address your needs. But as a free VPN comes free of cost, it may look like a better option to you on paper. best-vpn

In most cases, the cost factor influences the decision of individuals. But when it comes to choosing a VPN, you might also want to consider other things. For instance, you might want to ensure that a VPN has comprehensive features before signing up for it.

So, which option should you choose between a free and paid VPN? Read on to find the answer.

Free vs. Paid VPN: The Difference

There are different types of VPNs; apart from features, you can also differentiate VPNs based on their pricing options.

Here are some differences between free and paid VPN based on features to help you make an informed decision.

  • Pricing

With a free VPN service, you get to all the features without paying even a dime. But you have to remain content with whatever features you get with a free VPN. 

Though premium VPN service comes at a price in subscription charges, it brings a wide range of features to the table. If you choose a cheap VPN service, you can get all the VPN features you want without paying a hefty amount.

  • Security

With free VPNs, you may need to be content with obsolete security protocols. Because you do not pay for its features, you do not have a say on the features a free VPN offers.

On the other hand, a premium VPN comes with the latest security protocols and encryption technology. Both these features provide better security options to users than a VPN service that is free of cost.

  • Quality Of Service

Unlike premium service providers, those who offer free services need to look for alternative ways for revenue generation. Often, they end up selling the data concerning your browsing activities to third parties. They may also put a cap on the data that you can use via their free VPN service.

If that’s not enough, a free VPN service provider may also show you ads and compel you to view them to use their service. Such activities not just influence user experience but also compromise the privacy of your user data. 

You are unlikely to face such issues with paid VPNs. Such VPNs also have lesser meltdowns and outages. The quality of service remains consistent round the clock.

Overall, you can safely say that paid VPN services are ahead of the free version by miles in terms of quality of service. 

  • Streaming

Security aside, you might also want to know what other features a VPN service has in store for you. One aspect that’s likely to stay on top of your checklist of needs would be streaming. Choosing the right VPN can make a big difference to your streaming experience.

Streaming service providers like Netflix have licensing agreements. Due to these agreements, such providers show up distinct libraries whenever they detect a change in the location of devices. Your best bet to trick your provider in such cases is to spoof your location. You can do it easily with the help of a streaming VPN.

With a streaming VPN at your disposal, you can watch anything from anywhere. The multiple servers of such VPN services will help you give the illusion to your provider that you are at a specific location. Depending on the choice of your location, you can view compatible streaming content. 

Free streaming VPNs may not evade the detection of streaming service providers as clinically as the paid ones. So, you might want to try out the latter option for the best results. Make sure you choose the best VPN for streaming for your desired results.

  • User Privacy

You would be better off by not dropping your guard in terms of user privacy if you wish to use a free VPN service. Generally, providers of free VPN services rely on the monetization of user data to generate revenue.

So, before choosing the free VPN from a provider, you need to know if it would log your data. You can get to know about it by reading its privacy policy. If it says that it logs users’ online activities, it would also monitor your online activities. In that case, refraining from using its service would be the right thing to do.

You wouldn’t face such problems with a paid VPN. Such VPNs fare much better than the free ones because premium VPN providers receive a service fee from a user. This eliminates their need to log the online activities of users to capture user data for revenue generation.


There is no straight answer to which one constitutes a better choice between a free and paid VPN. It boils down to your requirements. If your needs are simple, like just basic security features, a free VPN would be the right choice. By choosing this option, you can address your needs without paying anything.


On the other hand, a paid VPN is ideal for you if you need advanced security features. With this option, you can also enjoy robust streaming alongside advanced security and privacy features. Choose one of the cheap VPNs with the best features to address your needs on this front.

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