5 Best Free podcast App for Android of 2021

Podcast App uses to play free shows such as TV show or radio. Podcast App helps to consume your favourite episodes and shows into the playlist. All podcasts have almost standard features. Most Podcasts applications have a feature named- boost audio which enriches humans’ voice automatically. Free Podcast App for Android

5 Best Free Podcast App for Android in 2021

1. Anchor

Anchor is the easiest way to create your podcasts. You can distribute it on the platform of your choice. It helps to monetize your episodes from your device for free. You can record audio on any device from anywhere. Then later, you can edit and visualize your audio using Anchor’s episode builder. Record remotely with the host or guest, wherever in the world. You can distribute your podcasts to popular platforms, including Goggle Podcast, Apple Podcast, Spotify, and more.

Design your cover art for the show with the help of Anchor’s cover art. With this app, you add voice messages gathered by your listeners to your episodes. It also helps you to add background music and doesn’t try to cut noise. With the help of this app, you earn money no matter how much your audience? You can also easily take donations from the anchor profile and fans.

2. Google Podcasts

Goggle Podcast also helps to discover podcasts and listen to other podcasts for free. You can listen to your favourite podcasts by subscribing. Easily track history of downloaded previously or listen to podcasts. It helps in browsing news, comedies, sports, trending and popular shows. 

You listen to podcasts at a high playback speed or go silent. Keep episodes in the queue for a smooth listening experience. It helps to explore episode recommendations for you. You can listen to the podcast from multiple devices such as phone, laptop or tablet at any place. You can also download the show and listen offline.

3. Castbox

Castbox is the highest-rated application for podcasts players and lovers. It is the largest Podcasts hosting and listening Worldwide. It is easy to subscribe to your favourite podcasts channel then you’ll never miss any episode. It supports smart speakers like Amazon Alexa, Apple HomePod, Google Home, Chromecast.

You can learn a new language in the podcast with language teaching podcasts. You can listen and search for your favourite podcasts in different 70 languages. It allows downloading your favourite podcasts for offline listening. Zone mode on the cast box creates a peaceful sound like a lullaby, urban surroundings, nature sound like surroundings which gives a deep and restful slumber.

4. Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is the most powerful platform for Podcasts. It is a perfect podcast App for podcasts lovers and listener that have Powerful features. In this, podcast player provides next-level search tools, listening and search. It also allows you to subscribe to your favourite podcasts and allow you to download your favourite episodes to see offline.

Your board cast has never seen such a beautiful color change to complete a podcast artwork. It has OLED lovers in addition to the dark theme. You can create a playback queue from your favourite podcasts. Filter and browse podcasts to find your interesting episode. 

Pocket Casts - Podcast Player
Pocket Casts - Podcast Player

5. Podbean

Podbean is the easiest way to manage and use podcasts. It allows to subscribe and download million of podcasts anytime, anywhere for free. Stay active and keep getting notifications for new episodes of the followed podcast. It contains a batch to add, delete and downloads playlists. 

 It consists of lots of live audio shows. In this, a gift is sent to reward the host. Calling to ask your questions and share ideas. You can also comment on podcasts. You can add background music and various effects of sounds which you want. It is integrated with Amazon Alexa.


Podcasts lovers Hope these applications are very useful for making your own podcasts and listening. You can earn online through these applications. It is easy to negotiate, intuitive and comprehensive. If you want to start your podcasts, then download one of these free applications.

Without leaving you, you can listen and create podcasts on multiple devices. These podcasts applications do not take a long time for recording. If you are not positive about recording them, there are many podcasts in cyberspace that you can download on your device or your portable MP3 player. Play it in the car and Enjoy! Share these podcasts with your friends. 

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