Top 10 – Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

PDF is one of the most frequently used document formats in today’s digital world. Did you know that 73 million PDF files are uploaded each day just to Google Drive and sent via Gmail? There are trillions of PDF files in existence and billions are added on a daily basis. With such massive adoption, it is no wonder that businesses prefer PDF over most other formats. Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

What that also means is that the tools required to convert to and from PDF have gained a lot of importance in the last few years. The best part is that there is a huge number of free PDF converter applications and online services. But which are the best ones? In this article, we’ve highlighted the top 10 best free PDF converter of 2020. Making it to this list is not easy because we tested every type of conversion and various aspects of the converted files as well. So, without any further talk, let’s get to it.

Top 10 – Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

#1 – PDFelement

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

PDFelement is one of the hottest premium PDF editors on the market today, but it is also a free application for most basic tasks such as conversion. However, this app takes PDF conversion to the extreme, offering a wide range of output formats, highly accurate rendering of complex and mixed content in the output file, high-speed conversion to save time, and even batch conversion to handle high-volume tasks (Pro version.) Output formats include MS Office formats and image files, but when you upgrade to Pro, you get a whole new set of output options like RTF and HTML.Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

In addition to converting PDF to other formats, you can also convert a different file type into PDF using PDFelement’s free version. It covers all types of printable formats, and you can even import scanned documents or image-based files as PDF. The process is as straightforward as a one-click action to get the job done.

Among PDFelement Pro’s conversion features is the ability to create a standard PDF/A document. PDF/A is now the de facto standard certified by the ISO, or International Organization for Standardization, and PDFelement Pro can easily bring you into compliance with PDF/A archiving standards.Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

Another great feature is batch conversion, also available in the Pro flavor of PDFelement. Batch conversion means no more converting files one at a time. Simply specify the output format and location, upload your PDFs, and at the click of your mouse, your files will all be converted to the desired file type. Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020

Yet another ability of PDFelement is to perform OCR on scanned documents. Whether it is text-based, image-based, or a scanned form that can’t be edited normally, the OCR module will render the content into a fully editable and searchable PDF document.

You can also modify your conversion settings to access even more output file types, such as EPUB, HTML, and PPT. In addition, PDFelement gives you the option of converting a PDF into an image document.

All that is just on the conversion side. In addition, you have powerful tools for creating PDFs from other formats, editing and reviewing PDF documents, splitting and merging files, handling and creating interactive forms, and applying enterprise-grade encryption and password security.

On the whole, PDFelement is the most comprehensive utility for PDF management that you’ll find at this point, which is why it is one of the fastest-growing PDF brands trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.

#2 – PDF WIZ

PDF WIZPDF WIZ is a free PDF editor and converter tool that offers you advanced features for free. It is an amazing PDF tool that you can download with the given link. It allows you to convert PDF to different other files like Word, Powerpoint, Excel, Html, Image, and Text. You can also convert other files to PDG with the help of PDF WIZ.

Besides you can edit your PDF file with advanced tool features like Split, Merge, Compress PDF, Extract Images, Pages from PDF, Password management and a lot more. You can enjoy using the tool for free without any feature limitations. Also, to help you more, there you can find the tutorial to use the tool on the official website.

#3 – ToPDF

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020This is another quick online service that lets you convert to and from PDF. The interface is very basic, but the functionality is definitely worth a second look. You can upload or drag-drop multiple files into the interface and it will convert them one by one and make them available as a bulk download.

The focus of this site is clearly to help users make PDFs from a lot of different formats, but it also goes a good job of converting your existing PDF into other file types so you can easily edit them in their respective native applications.

#4 – WPS PDF to Word Converter

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020We included this particular downloadable application in this list because, despite its name, WPS PDF to Word Converter does a lot more than converting PDF into .doc or .docx. The converter application boasts of a high accuracy and quality rating for its converted files, particularly elements like bullets, tables, and fonts. As many of you know, these are usually problematic elements when converting files to and from a particular format.

From a technical perspective, the functionality is limited, which is probably the biggest downside to this software. However, within the realm of word processor file formats, it offers the widest support by including formats like RTF and even native .doc. The only drawback with the free version is that there’s a cap on how many pages of PDF you can convert in one go, which means larger documents containing hundreds of pages won’t be supported.

#5 – Total PDF Converter

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020This little-known application actually offers one of the largest option sets in terms of output formats for PDF source files. As a matter of fact, you have other 25 file types to choose from, and the best part is that this tool will even number the pages when writing to the target file.

If you use the product as a registered user, you get the added benefit of a command-line interface option so you can run conversions in the background. Alternatively, you can just use it for the free 30-day trial, which is great if you only have a few tasks to be done and need the reliability of a premium application without having to pay the hefty price tag.

#6 – Free Online OCR

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020Online OCR is a no-nonsense tool that does three types of conversion: PDF to text, PDF to Word, and PDF to Excel. That’s about it, but such a tool can come in very handy in a pinch, especially when you don’t have the resources to download a full-fledged software application just to convert a few files.

The service is available for 46 languages of source PDF files, and the OCR function is fairly accurate. Additionally, since it is an OCR-based utility, you can extract text from image files as well. The output files can then be edited in their own native applications like MS Word and Excel, and text editors like Notepad.

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#7 – LightPDF

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020Yet another free online PDF converter to consider for 2020 is LightPDF. The most attractive feature is the separation of modules for different types of conversion. All the conversion modules essentially use the same backend technology, but it gives the user a sense of being in a more serious environment where every type of conversion has its own upload page.

With LightPDF, you can easily create PDFs from various file types, as well as convert your existing PDFs to whatever text or image format you need. The best part about LightPDF is that there’s a downloadable version of the application in case you don’t want to upload your files to the Internet. More on that topic later.

#8 – Weeny Free Word to PDF Converter for Windows

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020As the name suggests, the tool is pretty restricted in its capabilities. However, it does a great job when converting Word documents into PDF files. The accuracy is fairly decent for a free app, and it’s probably one of the better utilities in its niche category.

#9 – PDF Converter for Windows

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020This is a really old app that only supports older versions of Windows, but we’ve added it here because it converts a wide range of document formats into encrypted PDF files. In addition to the conversion function, PDF Converter for Windows also has basic editing features. It also offers security management so you can add, remove, and edit access and permissions passwords from the converted PDFs.

#10 – Icecream PDF Converter

Top 10 - Best Free PDF Converter of 2020This is a premium software application with a free version that you can use to convert relatively small PDF documents. You can also use it to merge multiple file types into one single PDF file. Input and output format options are fairly extensive, and all the main bases are covered except for the more complex layouts like Excel and PowerPoint.


These are the Top 10 Best Free PDF Converter Applications of 2020, but there are a couple of things you should be aware of before choosing one.

First of all, an online service is easy and convenient, but remember that your documents may contain confidential or even sensitive information. For example, you wouldn’t want your company’s payroll file to fall into a hacker’s hands, right? For that reason, we always recommend going with a secure and offline application like PDFelement or even the converter from WPS. All your information remains on your local memory and, therefore, safeguarded by whatever measures your company has put in place.

The last and final consideration is the freemium model, which is a lot better than the always-free approach. Using PDFelement as an example, say you want to start converting more files (in bulk) or if you need additional capabilities like OCR or automatic form creation; all you need to do with PDFelement is upgrade your software to the Standard or Pro version, as the case may be. That gives you access to powerful PDF tools in just a few clicks. There’s no need for you to waste time on searching for a new tool when you know that a premium one is just a sign-up away.

Considering all these factors, choose and use a tool that works to fulfill your specific needs.

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