5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020

A mind mapping software is much in demand because it is a great help in the process of note-taking and improving communication and collaboration between varied information. A mind mapping software is of real value for project managers, students, financial planners, event managers, CEO’s, bloggers, etc.

All these software are mostly available free for androids and other platforms. Many such Free Mind Mapping Software are available in the market of which the best are as follows.5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020

Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020

1. Freemind

5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020

Freemind is a Free Mind Mapper software which has a simple user interface and an unlimited undo option. The drag n drop option of this software lets you drop files and texts directly to the map. It is available for Windows, Mac & Linux platforms.

The maps can easily be switched to other mind mapping software. Some prominent features of this software include collaboration tools, restore session support,location-based mind mapping, etc.

2. Coggle

5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020This is an online web application which offers fast updates, real-time work coordination and a smart drag n drop for any number of images. Sharing of information via this software is a organised and straightforward task. For using this software, one needs to use its web browser after signing up.

The software has a feature of automatically saving any changes in a diagram and of reverting back to any previous changes. Some other useful features of this mind mapping software include active directory, annotations of text and images, branches and loops, and creation of more than one central points mapping related nodes.

3. Mindmaple

5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020This mind mapping software of 2020 allows you to manage and integrate tasks or other attachments directly on maps. One can add relationships and hyperlinks to the mind maps using the advanced tools of this software.

The software can be best utilized for importing maps from other mind mapping software, decorating and designing of maps, making presentations for meetings, planning projects, travels etc. The pricing of this software varies according to its various versions viz Windows ($49), iOS (free), Mac  (free).

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4. XMind

5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020This mind map software has a user-friendly interface, 108 number of clip arts, ready-made templates, and therefore enjoys maximum popularity. This is the reason why this mind mapping software has been awarded four times for its performance.

The toolbox of this software comes with some handy tools including to-do-list, relationships, summary, notes, label, marker, comments, information cards, callout, and boundary. The software has a free version, a Plus version ($79)  and a Pro version ($99). It is available for Windows, Android, and Mac platforms.

5. iMindMap

5 Best Free Mind Mapping Software of 2020This yet again is one of the most popular among the mind mapping software of 2020 available in Home & Student version ($100), Ultimate version ($235) and a Ultimate+ version (310). This software was founded by iMindMap and Tony Buzan.

This software differs from the traditional mind map software in the sense that it comes with modern features like  flow-charts, images and icons, pop-up, edit menu branch drawing tool, multi-maps and much more. There are currently more than 250,000,000 user of this software. The software is available for Windows, Android and Mac platforms


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