How to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration (4 Sites)

Howdy fellas. Have you ever thought of calling your friends or anyone online for free and that too without registration? If yes, then this article is for you. Today we are going to share an awesome and interesting trick by which you can make free online calls online without registration.How to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration (4 Sites)

Make Free Calls Online Without Registration

Today, you will be introduced to a site which can be used to make free calls online in any country without showing your contact number or any other information. You don’t even need a sim card. So, in today’s rapid post, I will share the best site, you can use to make calls online for free without sharing any information. No money needed, no account or personal stuff required. Isn’t it awesome? Of course, it is awesome to call anyone anonymously.

It is just a simple procedure you will learn in the below section. By implementing this method, you can call internationally and can also prank.

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But one thing I should make clear is the calls you will get are not unlimited. These are promotional calls. They allow 2-3 calls per IP address. After all, you are getting these for free. So, let’s move further and check out the procedure to make free online calls without registration.

Steps To Make Free Calls Online Without Registration.

Below I am sharing the whole process you need to follow. The work is simple, you just have to follow some easy steps and your call will be connected. Everything is described in the below steps. So let’s start.

  1. First of all open Chrome Browser in any of your device: the smartphone. tablet, laptop etc. Anything can be used for this purpose. (With laptop or computer you need headphones, microphone.)
  2. Now visit the link in browser: to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration (4 Sites)
  3. After opening the above link, zoom the page into right and then you will see a mobile on the screen with dial-pad.
  4. Select the country where you want the call from the drop-down list.How to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration (4 Sites)
  5. Now enter the number which you want to call.How to Make Free Calls Online Without Registration (4 Sites)
  6. After the above steps, simply click on Call button.
  7. You’re done. It will show calling.

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Yahoo! Your call will be connected in a few seconds and you can make free online calls online without registration easily. Isn’t that easy? Yes, you only have to follow some simple steps as above. But you can make only 2 calls to the same number in a single day. Also, there are a lot of other websites which works in same way. You can use these when your limit is exhausted. Below we provided links of such sites which allows making free online calls without registration:


Final Words

I hope you found the tutorial and the list of websites useful and working. Normally these are used by people to make prank calls with their friends. Some people also use these websites to save some amount during international calls. is the best site you can use to make free calls online without registering or showing your information.

You can use all these websites for free calls. I have also used them personally and all are working finely. However, some websites may ask you to sign up there. So, this was the tutorial for making free calls online without registration. I hope it worked for you. We would love to hear your experience in the comments section. I hope you liked the article and will visit again as we will be updating the list. So, use these names and have fun.

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