How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS | Enable VT-x in Windows 10

To all those techy people searching stuff like How to enable virtualization in BIOS Windows 10? So, this article has been written to make sure that you get answers to all your questions. In the simplest manner possible without complicating the otherwise easy process. To those who don’t know, Intel VT-x is a processor which helps us to run virtual environment like a virtual machine or mobile phone emulators on a computer.How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS | Enable VT-x in Windows 10

How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS | Enable VT-x in Windows 10

If you think it’s not important for you to have a device with Intel VT-x, we would like to inform you that as per our information, it is better to get a device with an Intel VT-x which supports virtualization as it also enhances the performance of your 64-Bit Operating system.

The VT-x is very important to run Virtualization on a system. VT-x gets manufactured by Intel and is usually disabled by default. To enable Intel VT-x, you need to make it to the BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) of the system and enable it there. 

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Steps to Enable Intel VT-x in Windows 10

  1. You cannot access the BIOS of the system if you are already using the device. Therefore, please restart the system and once the system restarts, keep pressing the boot key which is unique to every motherboard or laptop manufacturer. You should first determine the specific boot key for your device on the Internet and then restart the system. You have to enter in Setup.How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS | Enable VT-x in Windows 10
  2. Once you have entered the BIOS setup utility, you are only allowed to use the arrow keys for scrolling up and down or for switching between the tabs.
  3. Switch to the System Configuration Tab or Advanced Chipset Settings to search the Virtualization Technology option. The location of the option differs in different devices due to different manufacturers.
  4. Use the arrow keys to enable the Virtualization Technology option.How to Enable Virtualization in BIOS | Enable VT-x in Windows 10
  5. Now you may save and exit the BIOS utility screen by pressing the right key. The key responsible to save and exit the BIOS utility screen will be showing up at the bottom of the screen with “save and exit” written next to it.

Thus you have successfully enabled VT-x on the concerned device. Make sure you go through all the steps carefully and perform them in the most accurate way possible to prevent loss of any of your precious data.

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