Top 4 Editing and Writing Websites of 2019

Writing is challenging, especially if you lack time or need to work on the topic that is not close to your field of expertise. This world is driven by efficiency, and efficient writing is writing with the purpose in mind, writing delivered on time and without mistakes. Be it for academic papers or business letters, you have to try your best to avoid mistakes and come up with some advanced content. All of us can use some help when it comes to such ta

Top 4 Editing and Writing Websites of 2019
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sks, so here are some services you can start using right away.

In 2019, as a year before, Grammarly stays the most popular grammar checker. This start-up was called a unicorn lately, which truly defines its quality. People from around the world use Grammarly for academic writing and business. It can be used online, can be installed on PC, integrated into MS Word. Unfortunately, for now, Grammarly can’t be integrated with Google Docs. A free version is enough for most of the basic mistakes, but if you want strongly improve your grammar and spelling, it is better to buy a full package at least for half a year. It is not the highest price to pay for impeccable papers and flawless letters or blog posts.

SpellChecker looks just like Grammarly, but it is a separate service. It works faster than Grammarly, and is good for checking some short texts, like Facebook or Instagram posts. Surprisingly, it knows more slang, modern words than Grammarly. There is no evidence of that, but we supposed it is connected to the urban dictionary, which makes it more modern than other checkers. It is also very sensitive to the English language you choose – British or American, so be careful.

Well, TheWhitePractice is not exactly a writing service, and it is not a proofreading service either. You can use it if you want to become a better writer in some months or even in a half year. So, using this service won’t help you here and now, but it will improve your writing skills, which is a good thing apparently. We recommend using their newsletter and get into writing marathons they organize from time to time. Some of them are for free, some are paid, but all of them are worth taking part in.

Reverso is a complex service. Most ESL students use it as contexto – to translate some phrases from Spanish, Russian, French, and other languages into native English. It is much better than a dictionary, as it also gives examples of a word or a phrase being a part of different sentences. It also has a grammar checker. It is not as strong as Grammarly, but still impressively capable. 

Writing Services as the Best  Solution

Even if you are used to dealing with all your papers on your own, sometimes the situation requires some external help. Let’s face it – we use outsourcing services all the way in our lives. When you don’t have time to cook – you order Chinese, you don’t like driving – you use a taxi. You need a flawless paper delivered on time, you address professional writing services like SmartWritingService which is more than a decade in the market, has a strong team of academic writers and can pride itself with affordable prices. They are very good at working with urgent assignments and complex papers such as research proposals, dissertations, etc. You can also order a part of the paper, not the entire capstone project, for example. Confidentiality is guaranteed, so you should not be worried about your personal data being disclosed to third parties. 


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