How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call

If you are searching for the best tutorial to set up or using Discord Screen Share & Video call, then this article is the best for you. Here you will get the easiest tutorial for it. This article contains every single information about Discord Video calling and screen sharing. You will learn how to set up video call settings and start a video call with friends, and how to use the Screen Share feature of Discord while calling. So, read the article completely.Discord Screen Share and Video Call

What is Discord Screen Share & Video Call?

Discord is a full-featured social platform with which you can communicate with your friends. You can communicate with your friends through text, voice, and video calls also. Even you can set up chat servers for specific purposes like for business, playing games, or just for a hookup with friends.

In 2017, the Screen Sharing feature was added to Discord. With this feature, you can share your screen with the other users on your chat servers so that they can interact with your screen. In short, you and other peoples (up to nine other people) can do live video chat while sharing screens. The best part is that you can use it on your desktop as well as smartphone also.

How to Set Up Discord Screen Share and Video Call?

You might be thinking of trying this fantastic platform. But for that, you will need an easy tutorial to set up Discord and use it. So let’s start the tutorial.

We have divided the complete tutorial into different sections. Firstly, we will discuss the Video/Camera Settings; then, we will describe how you can add your friends to your Call List. After that, you will learn using Video Call and Screen Share features.

Video/Camera Settings

  1. Firstly, Tap on the Settings icon from the Bottom-Left portion of your screen.
  2. Now, go to the App Settings.
  3. And then select Voice & Video option from the left pane. You can adjust Voice and video chat settings from there.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call
  4. Scroll down and go to the Video Settings section.
  5. Select the video camera from the Camera option dropdown.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call
  6. If you want to check whether everything is okay or not before calling your friends, then click on the Test Video button.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call
  7. If you are using the browser app, then you may get a popup to enable your camera or microphone. Click on the Allow option to continue.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call

How to Add Friends to Call List?

  1. First of all, Click on the Discord icon from the top-left corner of your screen.
  2. After that, click on Friends.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call
  3. Now select the friend/s and click on their name to start a video call.

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Discord Screen Share & Video Call Features (Desktop)

1. Expand Down Arrow

While video calling, you can expand your video screen to the maximum height you have set on Discord by clicking on Expand Down arrow.

2. Swap Video to Screen Share

You can find two icons for swapping Video/Screen Share at the bottom of your screen. These two icons, video call icon and Screen Share icon (monitor screen with an arrow), are for swapping between a Video call and Screen Share.

When swapping to Screen Share, you can select the monitor screen (Entire Screen or Application Window) that you want to share with your friend.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call

3. Full-Screen Toggle

This button will fully expand your screen on the video call. You can exit the full screen by clicking on the Collapse icon, ESC Key, or the view selector.

4. User Settings

You can see the Mute Toggle icon (an icon that looks like a microphone). This button can mute or unmute your microphone. You can also access the user settings tab functions in video with the User Settings icon (next to the Mute Toggle icon).

5. Video Marquee

You can click on a user in the normal screen, to make their video on focus, while leaving others into the marquee on the right. You can click on the other user to change the focus to them.

6. Leave Call Button

Leave Call button is for dropping the call. You can click the Leave call button whenever you want to end the call.

Note: If you switch to another DM Screen or server while on the video call, the video call will pop to a picture-in-picture view. And you can move and place the window anywhere on the screen. To revert the video call in the progress window, you can click on the name at the top-left.

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How To Share Sound While Screen Share?

You can let your friends hear you while sharing the screen. For that, you can enable the Sound option from the Application Window.How to use Discord Screen Share and Video Call

Discord Screen Share & Video Call Features (Smartphone)

Note: Screen Share feature is not available for smartphones yet.

1. Switch Camera

You can switch between the rear and front cameras with the help of the Switch Camera button. You can find the Switch Camera at the top. It looks like a camera icon with a double-headed arrow.

2. Camera Toggle

You can toggle your camera view on or off with the Camera toggle button. You can find its icon at the bottom center of the screen.

3. Mute Toggle

You can mute or unmute your microphone with the Mute Toggle button. You can find it at the bottom center of the screen of your device.

4. Audio Output (iOS)

For iOS users, there is an additional feature with which you can choose the audio output. Whether you want the default speakers or a wireless headset.

Final Verdict

So, that is all about the Discord Screen Share & Video Call. I hope this informative guide will help you to set up and use Discord to share screen and video call with your friends. That is it for this article. If you have any queries related to this article, you can ask us in the comment section. Share this article with your friends so that they can join you on Discord. At last, Thanks for visiting and being with us.

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