Top 10 Coding Games for Kids to Learn Programming

Kids love playing games very much, but not all of them are beneficial for their lifestyle or even – let’s look beyond the moment – their future. However, some are! Do you know that programming games for kids can make gaming a quality time and teach your little ones some advanced skills like coding?Coding Games for Kids

Today, they consume ready digital products, but the time is coming (let’s face it) when the ability to code will be critical on the job market. Whether our children will be competitive or not depends on how coding-savvy they are today. All parents agree that gaming passion must have a creative outlet, not a destructive one.

10 Coding Games for Kids to Learn Programming

It’s great to see kids building their own sites using a gaming website creator. Programming is another cool outlet that helps them create not just codes, but a bright future. In this list, we’ve collected ten best fun coding games for kids to help them have an early start in programming.

1. Code Master (browser)

Based on a famous board game, this desktop online version by ThinkFun has both a beginner and advanced levels. A kid plays an Avatar who has to travel to the temple and collect crystals on the go. Don’t be deceived by plain graphics and simple controlling. The game is quite challenging even for adults as it requires thinking logically and using different directional puzzles to get to the destination. It teaches coding implicitly making you think as a programming computer.

2. Scratch (browser)

Scratch, the product of MIT, is an online learning interface where kids can create their own stories, games, and animations simply by dragging and dropping programming blocks. After they master the basics of the system, programming with Scratch becomes as simple as playing with Lego blocks and as intriguing as creating your own cartoon. Also, Scratch is a community where your child can share their programming craft and play free games created by other kids.

3. CodeCombat (browser)

CodeCombat is a programming environment that reminds a fantasy role-playing game with cool graphics where a kid needs to type in a code in order to make the character do what they want. Program languages available are JavaScript, CoffeeScript (uses simplified JavaScript syntax), Python, and Lua. The platform provides necessary tutorials to help kids master good code syntax. The game can be played online for free without logging in.

4. CodinGame (browser)

Developed for adults, this online coding game can be used by precocious kids and teens as well to pump themselves up for the future coding career. This game’s community is a great chance for a talented youngster to get noticed. CodinGame supports many coding languages including JavaScript, PHP, Lua, Swift, and Ruby.

5. Blockly Games: Maze and Blockly Games (browser)

Blockly Games: Maze is a short online 10-leveled game that introduces younger kids to free Google’s Blockly Games by teaching them to use drag-and-drop programming elements. Besides the Maze, Blockly Games consist of Puzzle (the introduction game), Bird (teaches conditionals), and Turtle (teaches loops).

6. Code Karts (iOS, Android)

This game for the youngest coders teaches how to use logical puzzles (directional bricks) to help a race car get to the finish line. The game has more than 70 different levels with various modes, supports 20 languages, and provides a fun environment for learning coding concepts.

7. Bee-Bot (iOS)

This interactive game designed for kids aged four and older teaches direction and sequence skills as well as numeracy and literacy. The app has 12 different levels with versatile activities that progress in difficulty giving the youngest coders a room for growth.

8. CodeSpark Academy (iOS, Android)

The award-winning app, which is popular among kids in 200 countries, teaches the basics of programming in the form of games and puzzles using graphical coding bricks. As your child’s coding skills get honed, the app offers daily personalized coding activities and content (requires subscription) developed by researchers from Princeton, MIT, and Carnegie Mellon.

9. Code Monkey (browser)

A game that teaches to code while playing, Code Monkey promotes a child’s creativity and basic programming skills needed to help a monkey get its bananas. This simple game, which was initially developed as a source for school teachers, will be beneficial to every little coder as it perfectly nurtures logic, problem-solving skills, and creativity.

10. Lightbot (browser, iOS, Android)

An award-winning programming puzzle game that has been included in many schools’ curriculums teaches programming logic (procedures, sequences, loops, conditionals, testing, debugging, etc.) while kids simply have fun helping their robots light up the blue tiles. The hack is to program the robot with a sequence of commands to make it pass the level in one run. Lightbot is an amazing place where a child can have a blast and learn real coding at the same time.     

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