How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows

There are several times when you are playing games or doing some heavy 3D rendering or video editing tasks which require great CPU power.These tasks make CPU hot. So you might be wondering how to check CPU temperature whether if it’s too hot or too cold? Well, there are many methods to check CPU temp which we are going to share in detail below. So let’s get started.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows

How To Check CPU Temp

If you want to check CPU temperature of your computer, then you try below methods. Checking CPU temperatures and keeping it to a minimum can increase the lifetime of CPU components.

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1. Check CPU Temp Via BIOS

BIOS contains all kind of functions which lets you interact with CPU hardware directly. So you can check and manage CPU temperatures from BIOS menu. To boot into BIOS menu, follow below instructions:

  1. Power off your PC completely.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows
  2. Restart it again while holding the shift key. This will boot your PC up in Advanced Startup Mode where you can mess with Motherboard and CPU settings.
  3. If step 2 doesn’t work for you then you can simply turn off your PC and restart it again while pressing F2 OR F9 keys (in some cases its F11) to boot up directly in BIOS settings.
  4. Go to advance in your BIOS settings.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows
  5. Hardware Monitor settings. Its usually denoted with terms like H/W Monitor, Status, PC Health, etc.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows
  6. In hardware monitor setting you will see the current CPU temperature. You can decrease it if you want by letting your PC to sleep for a while. This windows will also show you the temperature of Graphics card in case if you’re interested.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows

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2. Check CPU temp via Third Party Programs

Most laptops and desktops are not shipping with inbuilt power management programs which show CPU temperatures. If you don’t have such programs, then you can take help of various free CPU temperature checking software to complete this task.

Few good CPU temperature monitoring program titles are:

  1. SpeedFan
  2. Core Temp
  3. HWMonitor
  4. Real Temp
  5. Open Hardware Monitor

However in this very particular guide, we are going to use Speedfan, the process is, however, the same with other programs as well.

  1. Download SpeedFan from here.
  2. Install and Run the program.
  3. In main dashboard window, you can see all details about your CPU, Harddisk, and system along with their current temperatures.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows

3. I checked My CPU temp, and it is very high, what to do

High CPU temperatures are harmful to your system and could potentially decrease the lifespan of your CPU Processor and your hardware as a whole. We seriously recommend you to keep control over your CPU temperatures with few tips which we are giving you down below.

  • Apply New Thermal paste: Thermal paste is a CPU solution paste which resides on your CPU and helps in heat transfer. If your CPU is constantly experiencing high temperatures, then the reason might be bad or wore off thermal paste.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows
  • Replace Heatsink and CPU fan: Maybe the CPU heatsink is not efficient enough or the fan is not working properly. If you find that heat sink is not dispersing CPU heat efficiently, immediately change it.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows
  • Add more Fans: Computer likes to breathe, you can add new CPU fans in order to maintain the flow of cool air inside your CPU so that it never experience any high temp throttling or any potential burning damage.How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows


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