Difference Between Cell Phone or Landline Numbers

When you look at a phone number can you tell whether it is the cell phone or landline number? Well, I guess it is really difficult. In fact, you might probably say that it is impossible. But it is not. There are ways of detecting and distinguishing a cell phone or landline number. Although it is easy to tell that a cell phone or landline number is calling in some countries.Difference Between Cell Phone or Landline Numbers

Difference Between Cell Phone or Landline Numbers

This is because certain specific prefixes are given to cell phone numbers and landline numbers in these countries. But if there are no such prefixes in your country then you can try using some of the best ‘phone validators’ and ‘reverse lookup services’.

1. Phone Number Validator

You can determine if the particular number is a cell phone or landline number very easily using a phone number validator. Although the actual purpose of a phone number validator is not determining whether a number is a cell phone or landline. It is actually used for the purpose of determining if a phone number is valid or not. Also, it checks if the number is in service or not. It is during this process that you can get other important information regarding the phone number that you have entered in the phone number validator. It will tell you whether the phone number is a cell phone or landline number.Difference Between Cell Phone or Landline Numbers

There is a Location Routing Number (LRN) database of all the phone numbers. This LRN database tells the telecom companies where to send the call.  The phone companies can route the call using the information provided by the LRN database of a phone number. It is out of this information that the telecom companies understand whether the given number is landline or cell phone.

TextMagic, Phone Validator, and Validator are some of the recommended phone number validators. Mostly offering a free service, these validators do not have many versions. These validators sell lookups generally to those organizations that verify a lot of phone numbers. The lookups are discussed under the next heading.

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2. Reverse Phone Number Lookup

This is another easy way of getting information regarding a particular phone number. This service can also tell you about the name of the person who holds the phone number in use. You can even get the address of that person using reverse phone number lookup service. But what we are concerned about here is whether a particular number is a cell phone or landline number. Obviously, this service gives you that information as well. All you need is to feed in it the number that you want to inquire about. The service was provided only by mobile companies earlier but now it is available on many websites as well.Difference Between Cell Phone or Landline Numbers

We would recommend Whitepages, Spokeo, and Google as the best reverse phone number lookup providers. The best part is that you don’t need to pay anything if you want to know if a phone number is a cell phone or landline. This information is provided for free, although for more information you will have to pay.

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You can also use some apps like TrueCaller or CIA App. Both apps Available for Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone


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