Your Apple ID Has Been Disabled | Solved


Sometimes, Apple disables your Apple ID if it thinks that your Apple ID may be hacked or compromised. That’s a good feature that helps you to protect your private data, but sometimes it may be bad if you are uninformed of that problem. Consequently, You see some error messages on the Screen “Your Apple ID …

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How To Convert Pages To Word File | Latest Method


Microsoft Word document is one of the most used text document in educational and corporate environments. Mostly when windows operating system is dominant. Fortunately, Mac OS users can also read and write .doc files with their default pages app. This function was added to implement cross-platform readability of documents. You can now also export or convert pages to word …

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How To Check CPU Temperature in Windows


There are several times when you are playing games or doing some heavy 3D rendering or video editing tasks which require great CPU power.These tasks make CPU hot. So you might be wondering how to check CPU temperature whether if it’s too hot or too cold? Well, there are many methods to check CPU temp which …

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How to Play Android Games on PC


We all know that Android games are getting more and more popular nowadays. With the release of monument valley and clash of clans, people are now looking forward to playing android games on pc. However, these games were designed for the mobile platform and won’t work on your pc as other traditional pc games titles do. The other …

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