5 Best Open World Games of 2021

Best Ever Open World Games

Long gone were the days, when finding the best open-world games was a difficult and time-consuming task. Since the day technology has evolved, several open-world games have launched. All these games are specifically designed to make you capable of doing things that you can do in real-world. Right from stealing cars to murdering someone, everything …

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Top 5 Best Pixel Building Games of 2021

Pixel Building Games

All of us grown up playing our favorite games since our childhood. Till now, the gaming industry has gone a long way. In today’s technological world, we can find several games enriched with jaw-dropping graphics and a rewarding experience to offer. Even after having ultimate graphics, the new age games still can’t match the experience …

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5 Best JRPGs for PS4 of 2021


Japanese Role-Playing primarily called JRPG has always remained one of my favorite gaming genres. Much like Anime, JRPG does feature an immersive story combined with turn-based combats enough to spend the rest of your day playing these amazing PS4 titles. The PS4 comes with a plethora of JRPG games to choose from, but not all …

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5 Best Tabletop RPGs Enough to Keep You Busy

Tabletop RPGs

There’s nothing more chilling than playing tabletop RPG games while having your friends sitting beside you. Despite offering an engaging and fun experience, many people would find most of the tabletop RPG games boring to play. The reason behind this is their complexity and rules. Out of hundreds of tabletop titles, only a few are …

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