Can Amazon fulfill Shopify orders?

With the increase in the number of digital buyers, e-commerce businesses have seen significant growth. It resulted in increased demand for reliable and powerful platforms that can handle thousands of orders at a time.

Can Amazon fulfill Shopify orders?

Not to mention, Amazon and Shopify are great for business owners who want to drive huge sales. Many people are making profits through Amazon but, having your own ecommerce store builds a revenue empire that will surely drive profitability.

Moreover, Amazon with its fulfilment program covered the sellers in managing and tracking inventory. Yes, it’s quite challenging and being a seller you should focus on growing your business not drowned into spreadsheets.

Many Shopify store owners are in constant pressure in fulfilling their orders.But do you know you can utilize the power of Amazon FBA?

Yes, you can!

In this article, we’ll help you with the complete Shopify Amazon Fulfilment guide to help you start selling and fulfilling your Shopify orders.

Let’s dive in;

Is it possible to fulfil Shopify orders through Amazon?

Well, it is a question that many Shopify store owners ask. And here the answer is yes. Amazon offers a multi-channel fulfilment program to sellers. It allows them to sell through their own website or marketplace. So, with MCF you can sell products on Shopify, Etsy and obviously on Amazon.

It is basically the subset of Fulfilment by Amazon program. So by integrating your Shopify store with MCF you can get the benefit of both platforms. In short, you own a store whereas Amazon will do everything from picking, packing, and shipping.

A Comprehensive Guide to Shopify Amazon Fulfilment

Undoubtedly, the multi-channel fulfilment program has made it easier for Amazon sellers to fulfil Shopify orders. However, to do so you need to follow some important steps. Here in this article we will help you with a comprehensive guide to Shopify Amazon fulfilment.

Let’s start;

Create and Register Amazon Seller Account

To get started with Shopify Amazon Fulfilment, you need to create your seller account on Amazon first. The next step comes the selection of fulfilment program. Set up an Amazon FBA to start fulfilling orders on Amazon and other channels.

FBA integration to Shopify Store

Once you are done with account setups, in the next step you need to link your shopify store with Amazon account. However, the syncing is now easy with Shopify built FBA integration – MWS. It is basically Amazon marketplace web services that allows the integration to support multi-channel selling and fulfilment.

Set Shipping Rates

In online businesses Shipping rates are crucial and so is with Shopify Amazon fulfilment. However Amazon offers three shipping rates i.e. Standard, Expedited and Priority shipping. Although you are free to set your own shipping rates, try not to be undercharged. What does it mean? Basically Amazon has its own fulfillment rates, so set the rates in line with those rates.

Add Products to FBA

The next in line is product listing. You need to make your product information consistent on both platforms – Shopify and Amazon FBA. Adding this information makes it easy for shoppers as well as for fulfillment of orders. You also need to sync pricing of your products. It can be done through Shopify plugins.

Setup Fulfilment and Process Go Live..

While listing your products, you need to choose an fulfilment option. You can either fulfill orders manually or automatically.

In manual fulfilment, you have full control over your shipment and it’s quite easy to track inventory. Furthermore, once you receive a customer’s payment you need to mark the order fulfilled by yourself.

On the other hand, as the name says automatic fulfillment allows the fulfilling of orders automatically. So it makes it easy for you as you don’t have to do anything. Once the customer pays, it will be marked fulfilled automatically.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Shopify Amazon Fulfilment


Automatically Fulfilment of Orders

By integrating Shopify and Amazon FBA, sellers can automatically fulfil customer’s orders. It can save a lot of time, energy and cost. Furthermore, it also reduces the chances of human error that are likely to happen.

Fast and Efficient Shipping

Using FBA fulfilment, we can assure fast and efficient shipping of orders to customers. Varying on shipping rates, it takes an average 3-5 days in shipment. The vast capacity Amazon warehouses operates round-the-clock offering best customer services to your customers. So, in this way you can build a strong brand reputation.

Easy Syncing Amazon and Shopify orders

You have full control over your website, products and shipping rates. Whereas Shopify Amazon fulfilment allows easy syncing of both platforms. So, it makes it possible for sellers to own a website and fulfill orders through FBA.


MCF operates in limited Countries

MCF has made it easy for retailers to operate and sell on multiple sales channels. On the other hand, it comes with some limitations. It doesn’t offer international shipping and is available only in Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, and Australia.

Limited Branding

As everything from packing to shipping is handled by Amazon itself. So, there will be less chances of branding because most of the shipments are delivered in their own packaging.


Amazon and Shopify are highly reliable and popular e-commerce platforms helping sellers to showcase their products. In the first place, the Shopify Amazon fulfilment leveraging the power of both platforms driving huge revenue to your business.

Even better, setting up FBA is quite easy and it helps sellers to focus on the growth. Where Amazon takes up the responsibility of managing and fulfilling your customer orders.

We hope the article has given you enough information about Amazon Shopify fulfilment. And you may now get the answer to how to fulfil Shopify orders on Amazon. If you want any help regarding Amazon and Shopify account management, then you can contact Urtasker – a recognized and trustworthy consulting and marketing agency in New York. You can rely on their services to drive better results for your online business.

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