How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8

Sometimes you accidentally mess something up, and now you have to reinstall windows. And the first step is to burn windows iso to USB or a memory card device. Burning ISO to USB is no simple as copy pasting, there are specific tools which will help you to do that. let’s take a look.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8

There are many free tools which are available for free which can burn iso or any other image file to USB or memory card. Rufus is one such tool which will help you to burn iso to USB. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of iso to USB tool named Rufus.

Requirements :

  • you will need the Rufus tool, of course.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8
  • you need the iso file to burn (could be Linux or any other iso file).
  • you need a USB stick or memory device with at least 8 GB of free storage.

Important Notes:

  1. Rufus will clean all the data from USB/memory card so make sure you take backup of your all valuable data before you proceed further.
  2. The process of burning windows 10 iso to USB usually takes around 20 minutes, so don’t panic thinking that process is frozen or not working, take a sip of coffee and let Rufus do the rest.
  3. Rufus is a portable program; you do not need to install it. if your download comes with an installer, then its chances of being a trojan or malware is 200%

Steps to burn windows 10 ISO to USB

  1. First download Rufus.exe from the official site.
    • Note: please beware of scam sites while downloading Rufus!
  2. Right click on Rufus.exe to and open the program, and plug in your USB device.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8
    • Note: Rufus is a standalone program, i.e., there is no need to install the program. If an installer pops up after clicking the Rufus icon, then it’s 100% a deadly virus. So beware!
  3. Rufus will automatically detect the USB. If not, use the drag down menu to choose your device you want to burn iso to USB into.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8
    • Note: Rufus will destroy all your data, so make a backup before you try anything!
  4. Double check the info on your USB device and make sure its formatted with NTFS partition.
    • Note: if your USB device is not formatted with the NTFS format, it won’t show up in Rufus drop-down menu, to fix that – go to my computer, select the USB drive and quick format it with the NTFS format.
  5. Choose your iso image file by clicking on CD/DVD icon on Rufus app.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8
  6. Now click on standard windows installation button if some dialog box appears and click okay.
  7. Then click on start to start to burn your windows 10 iso to USB device.
  8. Click OK when “ALL DATA ON THIS DEVICE ‘XYZ’ WILL BE DESTROYED” warning message comes.How to Burn ISO to USB | Windows 10, Win 7,8
  9. Wait while Rufus re-formats your USB device and copies windows boot files.
  10. plug your USB in and install windows by following on-screen instructions.


We hope that this article helped you the process of burning iso to USB. However, if you got stuck somewhere you can try re-burning the process with a different usb stick, If it still doesn’t work, then you can try many free alternatives to Rufus which are available such as the “windows iso to usb tool” and many paid alternatives.

Rufus can burn any kind of image files, including windows 10,8,7 iso files, Linux distributions, Android x86 iso and many other small operating systems can be burned into USB by Rufus!

if you know any more good applications which can replace Rufus for burning iso, then let us know we will be happy to post a guide video. Please share this article with your friends.

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