How to Download Retropie ROMs | 5 Best Retropie ROMs

If you are searching for the best Retropie ROMs then you have landed on the right page. In this article, you will learn about the 5 best Retropie games that you can easily install. You will also learn how to install Retropie and a lot more information about Retropie ROMs. Therefore, read this article carefully before downloading any Retropie ROMs.How to Download Retropie ROMs | 5 Best Retropie ROMs

Best Retropie ROMs

1. Street Fighter II Turbo

Street Fighter II Turbo

If you are looking for the best Retropie games, then you should try Street Fighter II Turbo. It was the best seller when it was launched. In this game, a player has to fight with his opponent to reach the next level of the game. You can even play it in multiplayer mode, where you can have a fighting match with your friends. You can download the game by clicking on the given link.


2. GoldenEye 007

GoldenEye 007

The next game on the list is GoldenEye 007. Here you have to kill your enemies. The less you make the noise the more the level gets easier to complete. It is recommended to use a dual-stick controller to move and to adjust the camera as well. You can download the game with the link given below.


3. Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is another game that you can play in Retropie. It was one of the most popular and successful game when launched. You can play this game on more than 25 platforms easily. The gameplay is somewhere similar to the Super Mario, where you have to collect the coins and kill the enemies. And with this, you will reach the next level of the game.


4. Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater

Tony Hawk Pro Skater is also on the list because it is also one of the best Retropie ROMs. The game is based on Tony Hawk who was a popular skater in the 90s. The game is available for different platforms. The game has different modes, you can play according to your choice. But before that, make sure you have the right version of the game. For that, you can try different versions of the game and find which works the best for you. You can download the game with the given downloading link below.


5. Sensible Soccer

Sensible Soccer

Here comes the fifth-best Retropie game that is Sensible Soccer. This game is especially for those, who love to play sports games or a soccer lover. However, the graphics are not that advanced as compared to today’s games but still, the gameplay is so attractive and engaging. You will stick to the game and enjoy it a lot. If want to give it a try then you can download it with the link given below.


How to Install Retropie?

You can install Retropie on Raspbian and on a new SD card as well. You can check the tutorial on the official website of Retropie if you want to install it on Raspbian. You can check How to install RetroPie on Raspbian?

If you want to download Retropie on a new SD Card, then you can follow the steps given below. You can download the images from the official site of the Retropie.  Click Here to visit.


  1. After downloading the images, create an SD Card and use the commands given below on your Mac or Linux OS.
    sudo dd bs=4M if=/home/pi/retropie.img of=/dev/mmcblk1
  2. Then change the path of the image and sd card mount point according to you for ease.
  3. Now, check the name of your SD Card. You can do it by using the command given below.
    sudo fdisk -l
  4. You will see the name of your drives like /dev/sda, /dev/sdb and so on.
  5. And the name of your SD Card will be like /dev/mmcXXX.

Note That: You can also download the pre-loaded SD Cards from the Internet. If you don’t want to get involved in the steps.

Tips to Improve Performance in Retro Games

  • Always make sure that you are using the right Raspberry Pi Model.
  • Then check whether you are using the right Emulator or not?
  • It is recommended to use an Authentic Controller.
  • Check the power supply of your Raspberry Pi. Check whether it is working properly or not?
  • Overclock the Rasberry Pi.


Where do I get ROMs for Retropie?

You can find a lot of websites that can provide ROMs for Retropie. Some of them are listed below.
Rom Hustler
Free ROMs
Cool ROM
Roms Mania
Coleco Vision Addict

Where To Find Legal and Free ROMs?

There are several websites you can fond on the Internet that provide you Free and Legal ROMs. One of the most popular websites that can provide you Legal and Free ROMs is MAMEDev.

Can you buy ROMs legally?

You can find a lot of websites on the Internet that can provide you legal ROMs. But make sure you are not downloading ROMs unofficially that is copyrighted. This is because it is illegal to share the copyrighted ROMs.

Is Retropie legal?

Yes, Retropie is legal. Sharing copyrighted ROMs is illegal. But still, there are so many games that are legal to download. You can download them without any risk.

Final Verdict

So this was all the important information about Retropie ROMs. You have learned about the Best Retropie games and How to install them. With this, you have gained all the important information that is essential to know before download any Retropie game. I hope this article will help you. And please share your valuable thoughts about the article in the comment section. At last, thanks for visiting here.

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