8 Best PPD Sites of 2020 | Pay Per Download Websites | Updated List

Did you know about Pay Per Download sites of 2020? If not then you are on the right page. In this competitive era, Adsense isn’t enough to generate cash from our websites and blogs. Who doesn’t wants to enhance his income from their blogs and websites, but if your website’s revenue depends only on Ads, then you won’t be able to make enough money for the expansion of your business.best ppd sites

There are a lot of other ways too which you can use to generate some extra cash online. One of those ways is the PPD i.e Pay Per Download which allows you to make money on the successful installation of any particular software or tool. So, why waiting for more, let’s start exploring the best PPD sites of 2020 list to find a better option for yourself.

What are Pay Per Download Sites?

Firstly I want to make it clear the full form of PPD (Pay Per Download). Now let’s discuss more on this topic. Some of the sites available on the internet with upload and download feature. Many peoples using Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox, etc.

Helpful Video for You
Reading whole article is boring for you? Then you can watch this video. In this video, we have added all necessary information about below given Pay Per Download websites.

But these sites are free, and they also provide higher download speed. There are too many bloggers and other peoples, who want to earn money from home. So PPD sites are one of the best ways for them.

Some of the sites (below listed) would give you money if your file downloaded from there server. Let’s move to the in-depth section.

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2 Types of PPD Sites

  1. PPD Sites With Survey.
  2. PPD Sites Without Survey.

Two types of Pay Per Download websites available in the market. First one is the Survey and the second one is Without Survey. Survey sites pay the highest amount for each download because 90% of users can’t complete the survey.

On the other side without survey Best Pay Per Download sites pay the very low amount for each download because 90% of peoples can easily download files from them.

Best PPD Sites of 2020 | Survey | Without Survey

1. DailyUploads (Without Survey)

DailyUploadsThey will pay you up to $15 from 1000 downloads made from your files. Your files must be minimum of 1 MB in size! We will count only complete downloads. Don’t cheat! Abusing the reward system will lead to a permanent ban. Your File size must be at least 1 MB in size to get rewarded. Use the below-given button to get an account at DailyUploads.

DailyUploads SignUp

2. Sharecash (Survey)

SharecashShareCash is an excellent Pay Per Download website of 2020. Where you can store your files for free and make money by sharing the files with others. Whenever you upload something on this platform, the content will be locked and your visitor has to complete an offer in order to unlock the file.

It pays almost 1$ for every successful conversion performed by your visitors. We also have used this platform before and it’s completely genuine and you should also try this to generate extra cash online for free.

ShareCash Register

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3. UploadSmith (Not Working)

UploadSmith is another best file hosting and PPD site where you can upload and earn money online for free. They pay almost 10$ on every 1000 downloads which will be withdrawable on the 1st day of every month.

They also have a referral program which will also help you to make some extra cash online. The best part is that they have a quite simple download page with fewer ads which makes it easier for the visitors to download the particular file or software uploaded on the page.

4. Dollar Upload (Survey)

Dollar Upload is one of the best PPD sites which allows you to make money online by locking any file or software stored on your device. Just like other similar platforms, you just need an account to start uploading your files for free.

Once you have uploaded a file, then start sharing file link with your blog readers or website visitors and when someone tries to download the file, then a pop up will appear on the screen. The popup will contain the offers which the visitor need to complete in order to download the file.

5. UsersCloud (Without Survey)

UsersCloudUsersCloud is a free file hosting where you can store any file, software, tool or application for free. It provides you with an unlimited space to store your files online. Additionally, they also have a PPD program which content creators can use to make money online either from their content uploaded on their platform.

You just have to upload a file, software or tool on the platform and then start sharing the file link online and as soon as someone tries to download the file, he has to complete a survey or offer and that’s how you will generate extra cash online.

Userscloud SignUp

6. IndiShare (Without Survey)

IndiShareIndishare is for those, who are working on movies and songs download sites. Indishare providing faster download speed instead of other Pay Per Download sites of 2020. But they will also pay the little amount for each download. You can check their rates on the website.

IndiShare SignUp

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7. Fileice (Survey)

FileiceFileIce.Net is one of the best PPD sites to find and explore the best offers for making money online from your website or blog. You just have to create an account this account to start uploading your files on this platform.

Whenever a visitor tries to download your file, then he has to complete a short survey or offer in order to download the file. FileIce.Net pays more than 1$ on every successful conversion which makes it the best PPD site in the entire industry.

Fileice SignUp

8. CPAGrip

Another best PPD site is CPAGrip, which is also famous for the best pay per download affiliate network. You can earn some extra income from CPAGrip. I think you should try it once.


PPD Sites are one of the best ways in which you can add an extra income stream to your business. These sites can also help you to have a positive cash flow.

I hope these sites will help you to make a chunk of money. If you still have any queries, then get in touch in the comment section below. We would be happy to help you. [kkstarratings]

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