5 Best Portable Apps that You Must Use in 2020

Portable apps are the programs which you can use without installing them, and they don’t even change your PC settings. In simple words, you can use it, and no one will know that you were there. Besides that, Portable apps have several advantages like you can store them anywhere you want. Also, they don’t interfere with any other program installed on your computer.Best Portable Apps

There are many portable apps available on the internet, but some of them not work well. So, Which portable apps are the best you should opt for? Therefore, we’ve collected links to many portable apps of 2020 which are as follows:

1. MPlayer


MPlayer is one of the best portable apps of 2020 that offering you a great feature where you’ll have two sets of subtitles on the screen. The interface is so simple, lightweight and easy to use. The best part is that it doesn’t have a windows installer, which means you don’t need to download and install the program to use it. To use Mplayer, you have to extract the content from a zip file and then run it using the command prompt. In short, Mplayer is the best portable program that comes with a lot of inbuilt features.

2. Skype

SkypeSkype is an official video calling app from Microsoft which you can use make voice and video calls from an Android device. Once you install Skype, you’ll be able to communicate with the other Skype users. There are more than 250 million users on Skype, so it is very probable that you’ll find who you are looking for.

Moreover, you can see any friend on Skype through his or her email id in a few seconds. In simpler terms, the Skype is a powerful and versatile portable app of 2020 that offering you the quality video calling as long as you have a working internet connection.

3. Irfan view

Irfan viewIrfan view is an excellent image viewer, editor and converter portable app for Microsoft Windows in 2020. It can also play video and audio files and has some image and video creation tools. It’s a superior image editor in my opinion because it makes it easy for me to do the basic image editing. The basic setup of Irfanview occupies only 2 MB of disk space, and the advanced one with all the plugins requires around 17 MB of disk space. Moreover, it is specially designed to provide the fast image display and loading times.

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4. Brutal Chess

Brutal ChessBrutal Chess is another one best portable app of 2020 which provides you excellent 3D graphics that keeps the game interesting. The developers have added a lot of features like easier gameplay, 3D shadows which makes the game the best choice as compared to other games in the same genre. In simple words, we can say that the Brutal Chess is an excellent game which will have more features when some of the bugs are ironed out.

5. NotePad ++

NotePad ++NotePad ++ is a powerful and well-known plain editor with some advanced features which you miss from your traditional plain editors. In addition to this, it can be used as a source code editor by developers, and it’s compatible with more than 50 programming languages. Moreover, you can customize the style for each language including the font color, design, typeface, etc. So, if you are looking for a plain text and code editor, then the NotePad ++ is the best option for you.

Final Thoughts

So, Above are the best portable apps of 2020 which come with many basic features as well as the advanced ones. I hope this post helped you to find the best portable apps you are looking for. If you found this article helpful, then share it with your friends, family and other people who are looking for the same. Also, if you are using any other portable apps, then feel free to connect with us through the comment section below.

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