5 Best Idle Games of 2020 | For Android & iPhone Users

Friends, in this article we have listed the best Idle games of 2020. The games we have listed are for Android as well as for iOS users. That means you can play these games on your Android and iPhone as well. Also to make it easier for you, we have provided the downloading link of the games. Therefore, read the complete article, and choose the best for you.

Best Idle Games

5 Best Idle Games of 2020

1. Ro: Idle Poring

Ro: Idle Poring is one of my favorite games. Here are the features make it one of the best Idle Games.5 Best Idle Games of 2020 | For Android & iPhone Users

  1. Here you will get three options in choosing the Hero type.
  2. You have to challenge the boss of an area for a fight. You can also use the Auto-Battle function by using Accelerate.
  3. A player can also join Guild. A guild is responsible for hosting battles.
  4. As you defeat the monsters you will get new types of equipment.
  5. Pets in this game, helps you to increase your power.

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2. Tap Titans 2

Tap Titans 2 is also the best idle game of 2020. Here are some of its best features that increase the attachment of players for the game.Tap Titans 2

  1. You can select fighters for an offline fight or you can also select them while you idle.
  2. A player can enjoy the rebirth feature of the game. Here, the player can earn items that will boost the power of your fighter.
  3. Joining a Guild will help you in the fighting. A ship will appear that will help you to fight.
  4. You can make your fighter to attack faster by tapping on the screen. It will also increase the damage dealt.

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3. Adventure Capitalist

5 Best Idle Games of 2020 | For Android & iPhone UsersAdventure Capitalist is also on our list. It has awesome graphics and so many amazing features. Have look on its interesting features

  1. The player can also unlock Moon and Mars missions by reaching a certain level of the game.
  2. Upgrading each business will help you to earn money. As the meter fills with time by upgrading, you will earn money.
  3. You can purchase Upgrades to increase your earnings.
  4. Players can also purchase the managers for each business to automate earnings.

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4. Bitcoin Billionaire

5 Best Idle Games of 2020 | For Android & iPhone UsersNow the Bitcoin Billionaire, we can forget to mention it when we are listing the Best Idle Games of 2020. Below mentioned features are some of the exciting features of it.

  1. The best feature of it is that the player can get bitcoins by tapping on the screen.
  2. You can earn bitcoins automatically and offline by purchasing Investments.
  3. Amount per tap can be increased by upgrading its software.
  4. Drones can help you to get additional bitcoins and gems.

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5. Nonstop Knight

5 Best Idle Games of 2020 | For Android & iPhone UsersHere is another best Idle game, Nonstop Knight. You can enjoy the following features by downloading this game.

  1. A particular button will let you fight with the boss of every floor.
  2. You can deploy several skills by using finger taps.
  3. Player will get different types of equipment by defeating the boss of any floor. The equipment will help you in defeating your rivals.

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So these were the best Idle Games of this year. You must download them. I am sure you will enjoy them a lot.

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