5 Best Free Screen Recorder For Windows in 2021

Screen Recorders are the handy tools which are used to record your computer screen. Using these screen recording software, you can easily capture the screen of your computer as well as taking screenshots. Such tools are very helpful when you are creating some how-to videos. For example, some people record gameplay to post on their social media platforms.

Best Free Screen Recorder For Windows

Best Free Screen Recorder For Windows in 2021

So, if you are a great designer or artist, then you can show your creativity with the help of these screens capturing software. Therefore, here we’ve provided a list of some best screen recorder of 2021 that you can use to record your screen.

1. Apowersoft Screen Recorder

Apowersoft Screen RecorderApowersoft Screen Recorder is an effective screen recorder of 2021 with which we can record both video and audio of everything that occurs on our computer. It is very useful to save some important information, store multimedia resources or create our tutorials to upload them to online services such as YouTube. The program allows you to record the full screen as well as the custom section of your screen. Once you finish the recording process, it will automatically save your work and then you can share that work on social media platforms.

Download Apowersoft Screen Recorder

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2. TinyTake

TinyTakeTinyTake is a free screen recorder of 2021 that is specially designed to record your computer screen. Once you’ve downloaded this program, you just have to select an area of your screen and press CTRL+R to start recording. Also, Tiny take will allow you to create video clips and capture screenshots with the same level of ease. It has a clear interface that allows you to create videos quickly and easily. Moreover, Tiny take will provide you with 2 GB of cloud storage if you want to save your finished work locally.

Download TinyTake

3. Ice cream Screen Recorder

Ice cream Screen RecorderIce cream screen recorder is another multipurpose recorder that allows you to capture your device screen as well as taking screenshots. The screenshots are fully customizable that means you can choose to capture the full screen or a part of the screen. As for the video recording, icecream free screen recorder allows you to capture all kinds of screen activities such as games, video conferencing, etc. Moreover, you can also use the keyboard shortcuts for the total control, including when to start and pause the screen capturing.

Download Ice cream Screen Recorder

4. Xsplit Broadcaster

Xsplit BroadcasterXsplit Broadcaster is one of the best screen recording software of 2021 that allows you to stream all your screen activities and actions. The live stream makes it easy for you to share your knowledge and experience with your friends. Moreover, you can also broadcast live on the internet streaming platforms such as youtube, Dailymotion and twitch. With the help of Xsplit Broadcaster, you can create unlimited creative videos and you can add the things you like in his style. In Short, Xsplit Broadcaster is one of the best screen recorder available on the internet.

Download Xsplit Broadcaster

5. CamStudio

CamStudioCamStudio is one of the most popular screen recorders that are available on the Windows platform. It allows you to capture the audio and video activity on your computer and then you can share it with the world. It can be a very useful tool if you want to explain to someone how to do something using your computer.

Creating videos with Camstudio is very simple, you just have to open the program and click on the record button. Then the software will start recording your screen and when it is finished, just click the stop button and the file will be saved according to the parameters you set.

Download CamStudio

Final Words

That’s it! These are the best free screen recorder of 2021 which you can use to create demonstration videos and to show your talent to the world. I hope this post helped you to find the best screen capturing software for you.

If you like this post, then just comment and share it with your friends, family, and relatives. At last, if you use any other screen capturing program which deserves our list, then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

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