5 Best Free PDF Editors of 2021

Pdf Documents are also known as Portable Document Format Files. It was originally created by Adobe. In Most of the Cases, A pdf contains material that you can’t find anywhere. Sometimes, We want to edit the data available in a Pdf document and It’s not an easy task to find a best free pdf editor which suits our requirements. So, Today We will discuss the best free pdf editors which you can use to perform your daily pdf editing tasks.free pdf editors

Best Free PDF Editors of 2021

1. Sejda Pdf Editor

Sejda Pdf EditorSejda Pdf Editor is one of the best free pdf editors of 2021 which lets you edit a preexisting text in a Pdf without adding a watermark. With the help of Sejda Pdf editor, you can easily merge two pdf files, create bookmarks, use passwords to encrypt pdf files and alternate several documents to make one. But, There is a limit of 20 MB each if you work on more than three files.

Moreover, Once you finished working with the documents and downloaded the new one, the original files will be deleted automatically. The best thing about Sejda.com is that everything works on a cloud, you don’t have to install any software or worry about the compatibility issues. In Short, Sejda.com is a useful free pdf editor that you can use to edit your regular Pdf Documents.

Sejda Pdf Editor Online

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2. PDFescape Pdf Editor

PDFescape Pdf EditorPDFescape is a simple and effective tool of 2021 to edit your Pdf files while not utilizing the memory-laden software. With the help of PDFescape editor, you can perform multiple tasks such as adding hyperlinks, form fields, creating different pages and rearranging them. Pdf Files are automatically open in the PDFescape software instead of any default Pdf Reader. This means you would not require any pdf reader such as Adobe Reader. In Short, PDFescape is the best free pdf editor with some basic features as well as advanced pdf enhancing features.


  • Edit PDF Files
  • Fill Out PDF Forms
  • Create New PDF Forms
  • Annotate PDF Documents
  • Password Protect PDF Files
  • View PDF Files

PDFescape Pdf Editor Online

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3. PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange EditorPDF-XChange is another best free pdf editor of 2021 that with great pdf editing features. There are many editing features available in PDF-XChange, But Unluckily, Not all of them are free to use. PDF Files can be loaded from your computer, Google drive or from an Url. Moreover, The edited file can be saved directly to your computer or any of the above file storage services.

In addition, PDF-XChange highlights all the forms in a Pdf file, Which makes it easier to know where to fill the information. This can be helpful when you are working on a pdf file with so many forms. In Short, PDF-XChange is one of the best free pdf editor available on the web.

Download PDF-XChange Editor

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4. SmallPdf Editor

SmallPdf EditorIf you want to do some basic pdf editing such as adding text, images, shapes, signature to a Pdf, then the SmallPdf editor is the best option for you. Basically, SmallPdf editor is a website which makes it easy to upload a pdf, edit it and then save it back to your computer. The best thing about the SmallPdf editor is that it lets you edit pdf files without adding a watermark. Once you finished the editing work, then just hit the Apply button to complete and then decide where you want to save the edited Pdf document. In Short, SmallPdf Editor is the best free pdf editor to perform some basic pdf editing functions.

SmallPdf Editor Online

5. FormSwift Online Pdf Editor

FormSwift Online Pdf EditorFormSwift is the one and only free pdf editor of 2021 which lets you edit Pdf files without making a user account. You just have to upload the Pdf file and perform some basic editing functions in order to download the Pdf file back to your computer. Same as SmallPdf editor, It doesn’t leave a watermark on your Pdf file. Moreover, You can add your own images, text, forms to the Pdf file. In Short, FormSwift is the best free online pdf editor to perform your regular pdf editing tasks.


  • Edit any PDF, Word Doc or Image.
  • Share in seconds.
  • Download and print.
  • E-sign with ease.

FormSwift Online Pdf Editor

Final Words

That’s it! These are the best and free pdf editors of 2021 which you can use to perform your daily Pdf editing tasks. I hope this post helped you find the best pdf editor which suits your requirements. Also, If you use any other pdf editor, which deserves our list then feel free to connect with us through the comment box.

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