3 Best Free Password Managers of 2019

Keeping strong password is really important in today’s world where hackers are constantly trying to barge into your privacy. If you need to protect your data online, its necessary for you to keep different strong passwords for different accounts. But it’s not easy to remember all those passwords, doesn’t it? That’s why we use several free password managers to remember our passwords for us. There are many free password manager apps available but can you trust them all? We have tested several free password manager software and made a list of the best free password managers. Let’s check them out.3 Best Free Password Managers of 2019

Best Free Password Managers

1. LastPass

3 Best Free Password Managers of 2019It is a well-known password managing solution which seamlessly integrates with your browser. It offers a cross-platform solution to store and save your password and make sure that only you can access them. It comes with an inbuilt two-factor authentication, automatic form filling service, auto password saving feature and much more. You can also import your saved list of password if you need to switch services. Also, LastPass is not some new fish in the pond, they have been there for more than ten years, and their services are trusted worldwide. You can use LastPass vid installing its browser extension. Its extension is available for Google Chrome, Microsoft edge, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. It also comes as a standalone program for Windows PC if the extension is not your thing.

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2. KeePass

3 Best Free Password Managers of 2019Its also a great free password manager software for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. However, its unofficial port is also available for another operating system as well. What unique about KeePass is that it saves the password in an encrypted file in the form of XML, HTML or CSV files. It supports automatic password saving, form autofill, two-factor authentication etc. Furthermore, it also comes with an inbuilt password generator tool which generates almost unbreakable combinations of password for your utmost security.

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3. Dashlane

3 Best Free Password Managers of 2019Dashlane recently jumped into this game of free password manager thing, but it is doing great with its unique approach of saving and managing passwords. Unlike other free services, it also supports mobile operating system like Android and iOS along with windows Linux and Mac OS. Being truly multi-platform and a free password manager, its the best choice to save passwords with. The developers of Dashlane have made the user interface of Dashlane quite impressive and minimalistic in look and filled with a ton of features at the same time.

It supports auto-login feature, two-factor authentication, importing and exporting of your already saved passwords. Dashlane uses AES-256 bit encryption to protect your password from any ethical or unfair means to steal your sensitive credential info. On top of these classic services, it is also packed with inbuilt password generator and resetter. You can reset your passwords directly within the Dashlane’s Dashboard without actually going to the site. It also doubles up as a digital wallet because it can store your credit card or debit card details so that you can use them whenever you are shopping online.


These were one of the best free password manager software which we discussed above. Let us know which free password manager you are using right now?

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