5 Best Benchmarking Software of 2020

Recently, I bought a new gaming PC and the first thing I want to check is how well benchmarked against other devices. So, I started to search and tried a lot of benchmarking software but while doing the entire search I came to know that I wasn’t alone. There are lots of people who are looking for the same thing.Best Benchmarking Software

5 Best Benchmarking Software of 2020

So, To help all those people, I decided to try all the benchmarking software one and one and then convert the best ones into a single post. That’s why today I am sharing the best benchmarking software of 2020 list with you as follows.

1. HWMoniter


HWMoniter is one of the best benchmarking software of 2020 which is solely made for Window users. It analyzes all the parameters and components of your computer and then displays the parameters on your screen. It can read your CPU and hard drive using the S.M.A.R.T and video card GPU temperature. The software is quite simple to use and can visualize some other parameters like power, fan speed, utilization percentage and lots more. In short, it’s the best benchmark software available on the internet.

2. CPU-Z

CPU-ZCPU-Z is another best benchmarking software of 2020 that collects information regarding each and every parameter and then displays them on your screen. The best part is the “Real-time” feature which tracks the performance of each core’s internal frequency. The interface is quite simple, clean, and easy to navigate which means that even a casual user can use it. Once you have analyzed the results, you can also save them in the TXT file. In simpler terms, CPU-Z is an excellent option if you are looking for the best benchmarking software.

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3. Speccy

SpeccyAs it is clear from the name that it provides you all the information regarding your PC’s performance and other things. You can use it get a detailed overview of your PC’s performance, motherboard, graphics card and other components. Similar to the CPU-Z, you can also track all the components in real time which means if something wrong happens, then it can be solved as soon as possible. You also have the option to save your results in a TXT and XML file.

4. Fraps

FrapsFraps is another free benchmarking software of 2020 which is available on the internet for free. It is a popular and most widely used software that is loved by the gamers. So, if you love to play games, then you must have this software installed on your computer. It’s very easy to use and allows you to save frames per second. Moreover, it’s the best tool for overclocking your device. Besides that, the team has also added an amazing option that you can use to record your gameplay.

5. Cine Bench

Cine BenchCine Bench is an excellent tool that lets you analyze your computer abilities within a few seconds. It is based on Maxon Cinema technology which is used to create 3D movies in studios and production houses. You can use it to compare your device’s performance with other devices. Cine bench can measure a maximum of 256 processor threads, and you can download it for free. In short, the Cine bench is the best benchmark software which was developed to analyze your computer performance.


That’s it! These are the best benchmarking software of 2020 which you can use to analyze your computer performance. All the software mentioned above are easy to use, but if you face any problem, then don’t worry, simply scroll down and let me know your queries in the comment section below.

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