5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

Friends today with this article, we bring you the best Apple watch apps that you need to have to run it on your Apple watch. There are so many apps for Apple watch, and whenever we try to find the best apps for Apple watch, we get confused. Therefore, we bring you this article, to solve your problem. With below mentioned Apple watch apps of 2020, you can enjoy some amazing features in your Apple watch. Here are the 5 best iWatch apps for you.5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020

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Best Apple Watch Apps 2020

Here is the list of 5 best apple watch app that you must try.

1. Camera Plus

5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020Camera plus is an amazing third party app for iOS. It is a multi-functional app that includes some fantastic features. Its remote control feature will help you to take a group photo or selfie. It can shoot Micro photos and with incredible detailing. Camera Plus can capture a video with an amazing quality, and the best part is that you will get the video file in low sizes.

That means you will get the best quality videos in small sizes. It also includes the editing tools to make a picture or selfie more beautiful. Camera plus have all these amazing features that’s why it is on our list of the best apps for Apple watch.

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2. Calcbot

5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020Calcbot is also one of the best apple watch apps of 2020. As you can predict with the name of its ‘Caclbot’ that it is related to the calculator. Yes, it is a calculator app. But you can say its a smart calculator and unit converter. You will get the 4 default conversions in the Calcbot and you can customize them according to you with your iPhone.

The app has some amazing features like History tape, to get the calculations get back in the calculator. And Calcbot also includes some scientific functions.

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3. GreenKitchen

5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020GreenKitchen app is as amazing as its name, it is especially for those, who loves cooking or learning cooking.This app will help you to make some healthy meals, snacks or drinks. You can find dozens of healthy and organic recipes in the Green kitchen app. If you want to try any recipe from the app, just click on it and it will show the full recipe on your iPhone. With all this, you can set the timer through your watch. Therefore it is one of the best iWatch apps.

4. iTranslate

5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020It is also one the best apple watch apps of 2020. iTranslate is a language translating app. The thing that makes it one of the best apps for Apple watch is that it can translate into over 100 languages.It gives you real-time voice translation. You can learn new words from dictionary and conjugations from the iTranslate app. It also offers you an integrated offline mode.


5 Best Apple Watch Apps of 2020And the most amazing and the best apple watch app is IFTTT. I personally liked it the most, and this is because it helps you to get access to favorite services like Instagram, Twitter, Gmail, etc. And we all know how important these are for us nowadays.

So we can easily get access to our favorite services with our Apple watch. Including all this, you can control all your voice control devices such as Alexa, Google assistant, Google Home, etc with your Apple watch.

Final Words

So, these were the 5 best apps for Apple watch. I hope you will enjoy these best Apple watch apps of 2020. If you liked the article, then please share it with friends and family members on your social networking sites. If you have any query regarding the article, then comment it down in the comment section. So this was the ending of the article. At last, Thank you for visiting here. Please keep visiting here for more tech updates.

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