Hello friends, Welcome to my site. As always I bring you an important and interesting article. So friends, today also I am here with a new, interesting and important article that is 10 best alternatives for Skype for video calling. Yes, friends, we will provide you 10 best alternatives for Skype. We will also provide you basic details about those 10 alternatives for Skype. So let’s begin the article.

Top 10 Best Alternatives For Skype

As we are discussing apps for video calling so let us describe the video calling first. Friends we all know about video calling and often use this feature to chat live with our friends and family members. Here we have described some amazing alternatives for Skype.

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1. Google Hangouts:


Google Hangouts is the best 10 alternatives for Skype. It is communication service app which allows you instant messaging, video calling. It allows conversations between two or more users. Its services accessed online and can be through Google or any Google+ websites or through any of mobile app that is available for Android and iPhone. With it, 25 users can do a conference call at the same time. In Android 4.4, Hangouts is integrated with more texting options like message sending and receiving option. It also includes an amazing featured named as Easter egg to amaze users. Above was a short description of Google Hangouts and now we will mention you some steps to install it on your phone.

How to install Google Hangouts on your android device?

  1. You have to follow just a few below given simple steps to install Google Hangouts on your device.
  2. To download Google Hangouts on your device, first of all, you have to download Hangouts plugin.
  3. After you have completely downloaded it, then quit all open browsers windows.
  4. After all this process, now launch the downloaded file and follow the further installation guide.

These were the steps to install Google Hangouts on your device. Now let’s move to our second best alternatives for Skype.

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2. IMO:

imoIt is another best alternative to Skype. IMO refers to International Maritime Organisation. It is a messaging tool that allows you to talk with your relatives and other persons from your contact who is also having the IMO app on their devices. It makes high-quality video and voice call on Android and iPhone devices. You can send unlimited messages and can make free video and voice call over your 2G, 3G, 4G and also through your WiFi connection. The best feature of IMO is that you can also make a group video call through this. With this short description of IMO app, we are describing you some of its smart features also.

How to install IMO on your device?

  1. First of all download the IMO app on your device. You can download IMO directly by clicking here.
  2. After complete downloading, you have to install it on your device.
  3. If the installation process has been completed then you can open the app.
  4. Now register your account on IMO.

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3. Viber:

viberWe listed Viber in the third number on our list. It is third best app alternative to Skype. Viber is an application by which you can do phone calls and also can send text messages to all the people who are also using Viber. Through Viber, you can make free phone calls or text any of Viber user for free by just using your 2G, 3G, 4G and also your WiFi connection. It was first developed and published by Israeli company Viber media. Here we are describing some amazing feature also of Viber.


  • You can make clear video and audio call.
  • If you are willing to send some photos to someone then you can use its Doodle feature to make your photos more creative.
  • You can now share files also with this app.

4. VSee:

vseeVSee is in the fourth number on our list. It is the fourth best alternative to Skype. It provides you 4-way group video call, fast texting service, screen sharing with clear interface and uses 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi connection to work. And mainly used for video calling. We are providing you some of the important features of this app that makes us list it in the fourth number on our list.

5. Jitsi:

jitsiOur fifth number app that is in the 5th position on our list of 10 best alternatives for Skype is Jitsi. Jitsi is a free video conferencing, instant messaging and open source multi-platform. So now we are describing you some features that makes Jitsi a wonderful app.

6. FaceTime:

facetimeOur sixth app from 10 best alternative for Skype is FaceTime app. FaceTime is an application which was developed by Apple incorporation. It can be used across a range of platforms.
A new audio-only version introduced by FaceTime that is named FaceTime audio. The FaceTime protocol is basically based on numerous open industry standards.

7. ooVoo:

oovooAfter Jitsi we will describe you our next app from 10 best alternatives for Skype. Yes,ooVoo is our seventh app. It is one of the most extensive videos and texting service provider application. Some of ooVoo’s favorite features are described below.

8. WebEx:

webexWebex is listed in number eighth position of our list of 10 best alternatives for Skype. It is a communication application, which allows having online meetings with any person who has the working internet connection. It can help you in your minor business too. You can demonstrate a product, make the sales presentation and also can conduct online training. In addition, we also describe its some features also.

9. Voxox:voxox

Our second last application from 10 best alternatives for Skype is Voxox. Voxox is a communication service application that can make it easy for you to connect with your friends and family members. With this short description of Voxox, now we will describe some of its essential features.

10. GoToMeeting:

gtmAnd the last but not the least application is GoToMeeting app. GoToMeeting app secures the 10th position in our list of 10 best alternatives for Skype. It is a web-hosted service. It is an online meeting, video conferencing and desktop sharing software that lets us connect with users of other computers, customers, clients or colleagues and uses the Internet connection to work. This was a short description of GoToMeeting app now let’s describe some features of the app.


Final Words:

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