5 Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android of 2020

Advertising is the primary source of income for many sites available on the internet. This is the very first source for webmasters for their websites. But, sometimes we users see too many ads on a page which makes us angry and annoying. Don’t worry; you are not the only one. Thousands of users face this problem daily. So, for that purpose, we’ve provided the list of some best ad blocker for android that will protect you from unwanted advertisements.Best Ad Blocker Apps For Android

Best Ad Blocker For Android in 2020

1. Adblock Plus

Adblock PlusAdblock Plus is the best ad blocker for android in 2020 that will protect you from unwanted ads. Configuring this app is a little complex as compared to the other apps in the same genre. Luckily, the app comes with a step by step tutorial that will help you to configure all the things in just a few minutes.

Once you complete the configuring process, you can browse the internet on your smartphone without dealing with the annoying advertisements. In Short, Adblock plus is the best android ad blocker for anyone who frequently browses the web on their smartphone.

Download Adblock Plus

2. Block This

Block ThisBlock This is another best ad blocker for Android of 2020 that blocks all the malicious and unwanted ads to improve your mobile performance. In fact, it speeds up the loading time while browsing and slightly lowers your data consumption. Using Block This is very simple, you just need to push a button to activate the ad blocker, and you are ready to surf the internet.

Also, you can choose to support the app either by downloading the third-party apps or directly donate through the Paypal. In Short, Block This is the best adblocker that contains all the essential features as well as advanced ones.

Download Block This

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3. AdGuard

AdGuardAdGuard is a super useful app that will help you to avoid all unwanted ads on any webpage. This app makes it easy for you to block all kinds of malicious ads, pop-ups, or theft of your private information. Also, it deletes all the data and information related to the ads on the pages you visit. So, you can browse faster when the crappy banner ads are gone.

Aside from that, AdGuard also protects you from malicious viruses that will enter into your smartphone while downloading any app or software. Once you download this app, you just need to open it and click the main button to activate the AdGuard protection.

4. NetGuard

NetGuardNetGuard is another best app of 2020 designed to protect your device from malicious ads. With it, you can lower your data usage, save battery, and protect your privacy. Once you open the app, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your phone. Just tap on any app to see the download of the uploading internet consumption of that app.

If you are unhappy with the values, you just have to block its internet access. In Short, NetGuard is a very useful adblocker for android that will help you to block internet access to any app.

NetGuard - no-root firewall
NetGuard - no-root firewall

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5. Brave Browser

Brave BrowserBrave Browser is a fast, free, and valuable browser that comes along with adblocker and optimized user experience. All this comes without following too many steps to configure the app. It’s simple, just open the app and start browsing. Besides that, it speeds up your browsing experience and also lowers your data consumption.

In the long run, this means a vast improvement to the users when it comes to speed and privacy protection. In Short, Brave Browser is the best adblocker for Android that offers a quick and safe browsing experience.


That’s it! These are the best ad blockers for Android of 2020 which will help you to protect from unwanted ads. I hope this post helped you to get the required information that you are looking for. If yes, then feel free to share this with your friends. At last, if you have any questions or doubts, then just share them with us in the comment section below.

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