How to become a Top Real Estate Agent

As you already know, the Real Estate industry is a “dog eat dog world”. Very competitive environment, but if you want to be part of the top 10% in your career earning over $100,000 a year. It’s going to take effort and a positive mindset to reach that goal, but it will be worth it in the end.become a Top Real Estate Agent

  • Create a Checklist and Goals
  • Fail Forward
  • Develop a Funnel with Technology
  • Sphere of Influence and Networking

Create a Checklist and Goal

Any successful real estate agent will always need a checklist and a goal. Creating a checklist will ensure you are doing all the steps correctly. Whether it is meeting your client’s home requirements, or to finalizing your client’s paperwork. The checklist is there to be a guide to perfection and will not allow any margin of error if followed correctly. You should also try to hit your goal. Set realistic goals for each month and make any corrections as needed to become successful. Creating smaller goals to reach the top goal. Example:  I will make at least $8,400 a month to make my main goal $100,000 a year (tax not included).

Fail Forward

Always fail forward. What do I mean by this?  It means as a person, you should always move forward and learn from your mistakes. Never linger on your mistake. This is difficult because it’s all about changing your mindset. As you continue to move forward and learn from the past, you will become more successful each time you fail forward. Just make sure you are able to get past your failure quickly, time doesn’t stop for anyone. Lastly, make sure you are always looking at a positive outlook. This alone can help change your mental state. Also, you should write it down on a piece of paper, this will become your affirmation to your cause. Later when you reach the top, you can reflect on how far you have gone since you wrote your affirmation.

Develop a Funnel with Technology

A great real estate agent continues to evolve with the modern times. Using technology and maximized exposure to funneling potential clients to you. Creating a real estate website will create a digital footprint and you will stand out among your peers in the real estate market. In addition, real estate CRM or more commonly known as Customer Relationship Management has a plethora of features that can assist a real estate agent to manage their clients and create that funnel to help strategize the real estate market.

Sphere of Influences

Your sphere of influence shouldn’t just stop at the digital market but should go to local events and set up flyers or business cards to help increase your recognition with the potential clients. Go to local real estate clubs, or online Facebook groups to increase your exposure. Create new relationships to increase your sphere of influence and network out. You never know if Joe knows someone who needs a real estate agent. They will never know unless you network out to them.


Though the real estate industry may be tough, as long as you are moving forward and creating new opportunities for yourself. You will eventually become the top 10% and who knows. You might even reach the top 1% if you continue to work hard and evolve ahead of the industry.

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