Arduino simulators are the best platforms for amateur and professional programmers.  It is equally great for circuit designers because they can learn circuit designing on Arduino simulators. Also, they can program and test their ideas without any worries about their money and time. There is no chance of damaging your board and design equipment.

The students of circuit designing don’t need to buy electrical equipment if they have an Arduino simulator.  Arduino simulators have many forms, and therefore they are compatible with many operating systems. This article provides a list of some of the best Arduino simulators compatible with Windows PCs.

Best Arduino simulators for PC

1. Autodesk Eagle (recommended)

This is an easy to handle Arduino Emulator, and it comes in two versions. The Eagle Standart version and Eagle Pro can be downloaded from Autodesk‘s official website. Some important features of this Arduino Simulator are as follows.

  • Organising designs are easy on Autodesk Eagle because of the ‘Multi-sheet schematics’ feature.`
  • It has Modular design blocks. Therefore, this allows you to reuse the existing blocks of circuitry.
  • You get confidence in the schematic design because it has an Electrical rule checking feature
  • With Real-time design synchronization you can stay in-sync between schematic and PCB layout.
  • A schematic editor is available.

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2. Proteus Arduino Simulator

Proteus is one of the easiest and simplest Arduino simulators.  From education to the automotive industry to IoT, Proteus has proven to be a very helpful Arduino simulator.  It’s compatible with both Linux and Windows. Proteus simulates the interaction between a microcontroller and any digital/analog electronics connected to it.  Some very important tools of this  Arduino simulator include Oscilloscope, Logic Analyser, Function Generator, and Pattern Generator.  Through Proteus, you can get your communication software right before hardware prototyping. Proteus performs simulations in single step modes.

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3. Autodesk Circuits

This Arduino simulator comes with some amazing tools and these tools are easy to use.  The simulator allows you to design and prototype before actually building a circuit.  Also, you can invite others to collaborate in real time on your designs. Some other amazing features of this Arduino Emulator are provided below.

  • It provides free tools including resistors, capacitors, and potentiometers
  • .The simulator offers an equally good platform for both beginners and professionals. The beginners can experiment in  Circuit Scribe or the Electronics Lab. While as the professionals can use the PCB Design.
  • You can work and also develop your designing skills from the community of the developers of Autodesk Circuit.
  • The circuits can be designed and simulated and also the templates can be printed and shared.

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4. Virtronics Arduino Simulator

This Arduino Simulator can teach the inner workings of an Arduino sketch and even before purchasing the equipment you can test out a sketch.  You can demonstrate a project to potential customers. The Simulator comes with a free version and also a paid Pro version.  You can view variables in real time.  The sketches can be edited or opened in Arduino IDE. Also, it steps line by line through the program. The functionalities include If, while, for, switch, do while loop. The software performs the digital write, digital read, and PinMode for pins 0-53. Some other important features include.

  • The software is designed for the Arduino Mega, Uno, and more standard Arduino boards.
  • Analog read for pins is 0-16 and analog write for digital pins is 0-53
  • It features Emulates Serial, LCD output, Ethernet, Servo, SD card, EEPROM, SoftSerial, SPI, Wire

5. Electronify Arduino Simulator

Electronify helps you to learn basic electronics to various hardware level language. it is helpful for those who do not know much about electronics and those who want to learn about systems of the hardware. So, if you are interested in the field of electronic communications and embedded systems, you should download this Arduino Emulator. You can learn the basics of this field. Later you can move to the advanced level of learning. The learning on Electronify is simple and easy. This can make you a professional in this field.

6. Fritzing Arduino simulators

Fritzing allows you to document your prototypes, share the prototype, manufacture professional PCB’s electronics and to teach electronics to other people. This is an inexpensive Arduino simulator, and it has made electronics accessible to everyone. Some attractive functions for the community of Fritzing users include Building a Circuit, Using a Stripboard, Working with SMD parts, Creating Paper Templates, Curvy Wires, and bendable Legs. So this Arduino Simulator is a heaven for those interested in the subject.


I hope you like my provided list of Arduino simulators. And, with this list, you can learn circuit designing and programming. If you want to give your feedback, then use below given comment section. Also, share this post with your programmers’ friends.


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