Android vs iPhone: Which One is Better For You?

When it comes to buying the best new smartphone, the first choice can be the hardest:- Android Vs iPhone. It’s not that simple because both of them have their pros and cons. One provides a large library of games and apps and on the other hand, the other one features better security. Basically, both of them seems to be the same except their brand and price. Now a question arises that Which one is better for you? So, for that purpose, we’ve provided the comparison between both the operating systems. Therefore, here are the main differences between both of them:-Android vs iPhone: Which One is Better For You?

Android vs iPhone: Hardware Comparison

Android vs iPhone: Which One is Better For You?Hardware is the first main difference that makes iPhones different from the Android phones. As you all know that only Apple produce iPhones so that it has proper control over the how both the hardware and software work together. But, On the other hand, Google offers their Android software to other mobile manufacturing companies such as HTC, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. Because of that, Android hardware is different from each other in weight, size, models, and quality.

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Also, the premium-priced Android devices tend to have a good quality as iPhone in terms of hardware. But, the cheaper models don’t have any good hardware options. So, if you are going to buy an iPhone, then you just think about the model you wanna buy. As many mobile companies make Android devices, you have to pick the best brand along with a model, which is a bit confusing.

iPhone vs Android: Battery Life

Android vs iPhone: Which One is Better For You?Early iPhones needed to be charged every day because they have less battery backup. But, the recent models of iPhone can go days without a charge. This is because the new versions of iPhone OS tend to cut the battery life until they’re optimized in the early releases.

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On the other hand, Android is more complex in the situation of battery life due to the large variety of hardware options. Some Android mobile phones have 6 inches of screen and other advanced features which results in low battery life. But, thanks to the wide variety of Android devices made by the mobile manufacturers. There are many Android models which offer ultra-high capacity batteries. Therefore, if you need a long-lasting battery with a wide variety of options, then the Android can deliver a better device as compared to the iPhone technology.

Apple vs Android: User Experience

Android vs iPhone: Which One is Better For You?People who want to customize their phone having some advanced features will prefer Android devices than the iPhone devices. With Android devices, you can be able to download apps from the unknown sources, that is not possible in case of iPhone.

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The iPhone OS only allows their users to download apps and games only available on the App Store. So, those people who want flexibility will prefer Android devices and the people who just want a phone that works well and deliver high-quality features will prefer iPhone rather than Android.

Android vs iPhone: Conclusion

The decision whether you should buy an iPhone or Android isn’t that simple because both of them are designed to provide the best experience to their consumers. The best answer depends on your needs and priorities. You just need to choose what are the most important features you need and then choose the phone which delivers you the best value according to your requirements.

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