Android System Webview : Install | Uninstall | Enable | Disable

Android is one the best operating system a user can ask for in their smartphone. But Android is composed of little pieces and bits of system side applications. Such apps remains a mystery for an average Android user, and one of these apps is android system Webview.Android System Webview

What Is Android System Webview

Android is composed of both systems based and third-party apps. There won’t be any significant issue if you uninstall a third-party app. But if you accidentally delete or uninstall a system app like android system webview.apk from the app list, you will face software problems.

Some web apps won’t run or entirely malfunction. You will face issues with web logins. So it is important to learn how this Webview framework works, and why it is important for you.

Explanation of The Application

It is a chrome powered extension for Android devices which allow third-party apps to load web contents within the app itself. E.g., if you’re opening a third party app which wants you to log in via Facebook, a popup mini-window will open where facebook login windows will appear.
This process is handled by the Webview framework in the background to show you all web contents without actually accessing the browser.

How To Install Android System WebView

In Android KitKat android system Webview was enhanced to make it more user-friendly, but it was integrated with the Android Operating System. Because of this integration, Keeping it up to date was a problem.

So Google decided to make a standalone application for this purpose. Later in Android Lollipop, It was developed into a separate app and is available on the Play Store to download.

With a different app, it’s easier for  Google to provide updates and bug fixes to enhance web content delivery system. All you need to do is to download and install the android system Webview app from google play store.

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Android System WebView
Android System WebView
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

How To disable Android System WebView

If you wish to disable this service then follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings > Installed AppsAndroid System Webview : Install | Uninstall | Enable | Disable
  2. Scroll down and navigate to android system WebviewAndroid System Webview : Install | Uninstall | Enable | Disable
  3. Click Uninstall or Force StopAndroid System Webview disable

Note:- Settings options can be vary to different android phones.

This will disable all Webview functionality on your Android device, and third-party apps won’t be able to show embedded links and popups filled with relevant web content.

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Android System Webview Enabled But Not Working?

To re-enable the android system webview, you have to go to the Settings App of your device. Then go to the Apps > Chrome. Disable the Chrome App from there. After that, Open PlayStore, And Enable / Update/ re-install webview.

Remember that Chrome and Webview cannot be used together. Therefore you have to always Stop or disable Chrome first in order to use or update webview.

Android System WebView for developers

If you’re an Android developer and want to integrate android system Webview  to work in your apps then do following:

  1. Add internet permission in Android manifest file which is located in your Android project folder.Android System Webview for developers
  2. Then add the Webview code to enable opening of pages within your app.

Android System WebView For Android N 

Android Nougat uses chrome to render web content within apps to save battery. But you can change it by enabling the android system Webview app inside play store.

Google believes that by using Chrome browser for rendering web pages instead of maintaining both applications, will increase performance and battery life.

What Should You Do?

At last, your mind might be bugging to decide whether to use the android system Webview or to disable it entirely. Disabling it won’t block all its features, all requests will forward to the primary browser.

However, if you’re running an Android device with android nougat, then you should disable it to save more on the battery side. We hope now you understand what is android system Webview and why you should use it?

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