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With the increasing demand for Android devices, a lot of companies including Samsung, Xiaomi, LG and HTC have implemented Android OS to their devices. No matter, what brand’s cell phone do we use, it always comes to a situation where all its storage is full and you can’t be able to download anything else on your device. If you have ever come across to this problem, then you might be looking for some solution. This is where an Android Manager for PC comes into action.Android Manager for PC

Download Android Manager for PC

What is an Android Manager?

An Android manager is an amazing tool which allows you to store and transfer your mobile files to any other device. Along with it, you can also access your files stored on your mobile directly on your computer. Aside from that, it also offers you a bunch of features which you haven’t seen anywhere else.

It allows you to backup, edit, transfer and, manage your Android files with just a single click. All these functions are quite simple and easy to use that even a casual user can use them easily.

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Features of an Android Manager for PC

1. Tracking Options

An Android Manager will provide you with a number of tracking options which you can use whenever you have forgotten or lost your mobile phone. This software will help you to track your lost phone.

2. Extra Storage

An Android Manager will allow you to transfer files stored on your mobile directly to your computer. This will help you to have extra free storage space on your phone.

3. Edit Android Information

When you have access to the Android Manager on PC, then you will have the ability to edit any information or files stored on your Android device.

4. Text Messages

Once you have installed the Android Manager, then you will also have the ability to send text messages to any other phone within just a few clicks.

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How to Download Android Manager For PC?

If you have ever lost your phone and you want to secure it or delete the data stored in it, then we have to use the Android Manager to track it. Here’s how you can do this:

  • Turn on your computer.
  • Open your browser and visit this address.
  • Log in using the same Google account that you were using on the lost phone.
  • This will give you two options either to play sound or lock your phone.
  • On the interface, you will also be able to see the exact location of your device.
  • Keep in mind that this will work only if your phone has access to a working internet connection.


Android Manager is an amazing tool which will help you to secure your data and track your device. I hope this post will help you to do so. If you found this post helpful, then spread the word with others who are still finding the same. Also, if you need any assistance, then feel free to get in touch through the comment section below.

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