Android 10: Industry-leading Security and Privacy Protections

The epitome of privacy that is Android 10 is finally here with us. With it comes some fine features to take advantage of. It boasts of such cool features as the new gesture navigation system, smart reply enabled notifications and system-wide dark mode. The advancement is centred on a greater sense of data protection than its predecessors and giving its users more control over the phone data, a reflection of their commitment to the provision of industry-leading security and privacy protections objective. Android 10: Industry-leading Security and Privacy Protections

3 general updates to take advantage of

With anything new, there is always something to look forward to, and android 10 is no exception. Here are 3 things you should look forward to in the android 10 update: 

  • The dark mode: it seems like Google finally hearken to millions of requests for a dark mode option and it I finally here. The system-wide dark mode gives users the ability to choose how their UI will like. It can easily be switched on and off. 
  • More theme options: A great feature about android is that it is always easy to use and this version is no different. It gives you more theme options to choose from and play along with as you wish. You have the option of choosing either the default pixel blue theme or go ahead and choose from green, ocean, cinnamon, orchid or even purple, the choice is yours. Let your phone look how you feel. 
  • Live caption: users most of the time have a challenge in understanding what is being said in games or podcasts and that is why there are closed captions. However, the amazing feature about the Android 10 is the live caption feature. You get the option of getting live captions and the USP is, this happens even without internet connection. It cannot get better than that, can it? 

5 security and privacy features that come with the Android 10

Android 10 was always going to enhance security as that is what users wanted. The market leader for privacy has always been Apple so Android did need to close the gap. A survey in 2018 from Tiger Mobiles showed that 3 in 10 people were sceptical of Android’s security and cited that as a reason for sticking with Apple. 

As such Android 10 or Android Q comes with some significant security features and improvements that you should know. Here are the top 5 features. 

  • Location restrictions: Initially, users could only have the ability to restrict selected apps in reading location data and tracking too. With Android 10, you have the power in your hands. You can restrict any app from tracking and reading your location data. 

They even went ahead to give you the option of deciding whether it can do the same in the background or not. 

  • Device tracking protection: your apps cannot access private phone data from your phone like the serial number and IMEI. Furthermore, it randomises the MAC address when you connect your device to a Wi-Fi network. 
  • Limited app access to external storage: Apps in your device have limited access to its folder in your SD card and even other folders. However, it can access media like videos and photos via a secured shared implementation. You even get a dedicated privacy screen to manage your permissions and ad settings and activity controls. 
  • Enterprise security: Gives admins to control how apps from unknown sources are handled in your device. This mostly happens in work environments. They can also freeze updates for up to 90 days. They then manually push them as consolidated files.
  • Device-specific security controls: The Adiantum is new feature in Android 10, which enables users to encrypt data in their devices. This functions to keep hackers at bay. Nevertheless, protocols like the TLS 1.3 are implemented to boost security while users browse the internet. There have been some changes in the Biometric API to enable device services and apps utilize fingerprints and the face for authentication to increase security.
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