Top 03 Alternatives of Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Over billions of websites contain a huge amount of data. The number of these sites is increasing with every second. To ranked top on these sites, your data must be unique and different. It must be original. If you will use the copy-pasted data in your content Google will not accept it. Plagiarism is an illegal activity. You cannot use this as it damages your image. Now students are also bound to create a plagiarism free content. Top 03 Alternatives of Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

To help you all, there are various alternative Copyscape that are helping you to create quality content. Few offer you their serves free of cost while others charge a small amount of money. These plagiarism checkers have a huge database and highlight the plagiarized content from your article. These alternatives to Copyscape are used by a huge number of people. These people are enjoying these soft wares free of cost.

1. Free Plagiarism Checker by SmallSeoTools

You cannot find a better plagiarism checker than the one on SmallSEOTools. This advanced plagiarism checker provides its users with a detailed analysis of their text that concludes whether or not their text contains plagiarism. The results are displayed in terms of percentage by this plagiarism checker. You can find out the percentage of uniqueness and plagiarized material of your textual content. You can use this tool by simply accessing After accessing this tool, you have to copy-paste the content in the text box and click the check plagiarism button. This smart tool will not take more than a couple of seconds and provide you with authentic results.

2. Prepostseo

This online software is one of the most recommended plagiarism checkers. It is used by millions of users globally. To create quality content without the plagiarism it is a perfect tool. You need a unique and plagiarism free content to avoid any allegation from Google. It is a user-friendly checker. You can use it free of cost. The only thing is that you can check the 1,000 words at a time. If your article has 5000 words. You can use it 5 times. It offers you to check your content for unlimited times.

You can do the plagiarism test by just copy-pasting your content or upload the file. It will generate a report showing the plagiarism status in your content. This report is considered authentic and education institutes accept this report. This tool also offers you the services to make your content free from grammatical errors. You can check and correct all the grammatical errors. This software also helps you in making your content more refined and up-to-the-mark. You can rewrite your article with this software by using its paraphrasing tool. One of the most iconic features of this software is that it offers you its services in different languages. For the new website developers it offers the service of backlink. 

For using this software you need to open this site. Copy-paste or upload the content of 1000 words. Within few seconds it will show you all the content with plagiarism. It will also highlight all the grammatical errors and sentence structure issues in your content. It is an alternative to Copyscape. It is useful and benefits the content creators, researchers, and bloggers. Students are also using it for making their assignments free of plagiarism.

3. WritngPeak

The WritingPeak is an impressive alternate Copyscape. It helps you with all levels of writing. It not only safeguards your content but also helps you in modifying and correcting your writing. It checks your grammatical errors and highlights the writing style issues. At first stage it helps you to produce quality content with perfect writing style. 

You can edit your whole content. It edits your whole content within seconds. You do not need to wait for long time. Besides spellings and grammar checking it also highlights the sentence structure issues. It gives you suggestions so that you can make changings in your content. It also offers you the option to find the right words. Through this you will find a treasure of vocabulary. It also helps you to find a perfect world according to the context.

WritingPeak provides you a summary report. This report shows your number of key issues and edits status. You can also check your content and protect it from plagiarism. It is a perfect software for the plagiarism check. You can do 50 plagiarism checks per year free of cost. For further use you can get its service after paying a small amount of money. 

You can do unlimited grammar check through this. It is one of the best options to secure your content. Due to its proficiency almost 700,000 people are using this software. This number is increasing with each passing day. Most of the content writers or creators, bloggers, students, and researchers are using this software. 


4. Softo Plagiarism Checker

To help you in making your content according to the Google demands Softo Plagiarism available. This is an effective plagiarism checker helping all the people related to the content writing profession. Its various features make this checker one of the most reliable alternatives of copy space. It makes your content plagiarism-free. It tells you within few seconds the plagiarism status in your content. It also generates reports that documented all the details. 

It also makes your content grammatical-error-free from its grammar checker feature. It highlights all the grammatical errors and sentence structure issues. You can write an error-free article with the help of this software. It paraphrasing tool allows you to write your content again if it found many mistakes. It rewrites the content without changing its basic idea and context. 

You can also enjoy the reverse image search domain authority checker and what is my IP with this software. With domain authority check in this software, you can view the performance of your website. You can see where your site stands among the search engine. You can improve your website after seeing your performance. This software is easy to use. You do not need to download and no need to pay even a penny. 

You can use it online without wasting any time in other formalities. Just open the site and copy-paste the content or upload it. Hit the check plagiarism button. And then get the ratio of plagiarism with matched sources. It gives you all the precise outcomes ignoring all the common sentences. This plagiarism checker has huge database. This helps it to perform more effectively and efficiently. 

Bottom Line

The plagiarism checkers or alternatives of Copyscape are increasing with the passage of time. These soft wares now become the need of the time. It is a basic requirement and needs for everyone. Students need to make their assignments. Researchers need it to generate a research article. All the content creators are using these soft wares.  

These alternatives of Copyscape are really effective and saves the user’s time and efforts. They do not need to proofread it as these checkers play this role as well. You cannot only check the plagiarism status with these soft wares you can also check all the grammatical errors. With its help they can make all the changes in their article within seconds. These soft wares make the writer’s job easy. These soft wares are easy to use and need just few seconds to perform their task. 

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