5 Best Live Streaming Software for Mac You Should Try

Live streaming is becoming an essential method of communication. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an influencer, YouTube star, marketer, or a casual Internet user; a live stream can help you reach out to a large audience and build your authority. 5 Best Live Streaming Software for Mac You Should Try

When you stream, planning is important. You shouldn’t allow awkward breaks to occur. You’ll have a concept and you’ll follow it. It’s also important to promote the event to your audience in advance, so you’ll attract enough viewers. Let’s not forget the importance of software. The right video broadcasting tool will make a huge difference to the quality of your stream and the overall convenience of the process. 

Top 5 Live Streaming Tools for Mac

  • Social Media Live-Streaming Features

If you’re not too concerned with the quality of your stream, you can rely on the built-in solutions that YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, and Facebook offer. For most users, that’s enough. However, you should be aware of the fact that low-quality streaming is annoying for the viewers. You’ll be using the camera on your device, and the sound won’t be perfect.  

If you play to save the event’s sound as a podcast or for educational use, you can use an M4A to MP3 converter tool. But when you use the built-in streaming features from social media platforms, you can’t expect perfect quality of sound. 

  • Telestream Wirecast

If you want to offer a high-quality live streaming event for your audience, you have to invest in premium software. Telestream Wirecast costs $695 for the Studio version. That may seem like a huge price to pay when Facebook is free. But if you often schedule live streaming and you want to be recognized as an authority in your industry, you’ll get a lot of value in return. 

You can pay for additional Wirecast upgrades, such as Firewire HDV camera input support, pre-made virtual sets for green screen use, and more. The standard features (which you get with the regular payment) include video/audio sync tools, Twitter integration, basic titling tool, and more. 

  • Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder

Adobe has its own tool for video streaming of impressive quality. It’s best for business users, who broadcast webinars, educational live videos, and other important events. It’s essential for political speakers, too. You won’t need any additional tools to boost the quality of the steam; Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder does it all for you. 

The tool is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows platforms. 

  • MimoLive

MimoLive gives all the classic features of a live video production tool, but it’s special because of its mobile integration capacity. You can use various iOS apps, which enable you to control the stream from your iPad or iPhone. 

The Mac app is truly advanced with its camera feed controller, editing options, graphics and overlays. There’s an integrated video conference feature, which allows you to include other characters in the streaming event. As a commercial user, you can get a plan that costs from $70 to $200 per month. But if you use the tool for a non-profit organization, it will only cost you $20 per month.   

  • OBS Studio

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) is one of the most popular Mac apps for live broadcasting. The fact that it’s free contributes to its reputation. It’s an open-source application, which enables you to broadcast high-quality live streams. 

You get an unlimited number of video, audio, and file sources. The tool uses FLV/MP4 format for video files. There’s a built-in audio mixer with basic features. In addition to a macOS app, OBS Studio offers programs for Linux and Windows as well.                  

What Software Will You Use?

Mac users have access to state-of-the-art software for video broadcasting. In addition to the default streaming tools that social media platforms offer, you can use dedicated software for improved quality. Fair enough, there are more options for video streaming programs for Windows. But the ones available for Macs are versatile and great!   


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