10 Fairy-tale Names for Baby Girls That Start With I

A good fairy tale is something that every little girl enjoys. These renowned stories will carry her imagination to a faraway, wonderful place, whether they are told in the book or film form. Most little girls will fall in love with a character from a particular fairy tale at some point throughout their youth and will draw inspiration from that adored story for a variety of things in their lives.

Fairy-tale Baby Girl Names That Begin With I

Only parents know what it’s like to hold their child for the first time. It feels like magic! Some people believe that their children are angels sent from above. As a result, it’s only natural that they seek out unique baby names. 

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking fairy-tale names for baby girls that start with I. Cocofinder has gathered a list of names inspired by fairytales, fairies, mermaids, and magic for girls! Select the best option for your child.10 Fairy-tale Names for Baby Girls That Start With I

  • Isabella

Isabella is an Italian girl’s name that means “God Is My Promise.” Isabella is a royal name that is both feminine and romantic. During the Middle Ages, it was the Italian and Spanish forms of Elizabeth. Elizabeth became Isabeth, then Isabeau and Isabel, before transforming into Isabella and Isabelle as it traveled through Spain, Italy, and Provence, France.

Isabella arrived in England in the 13th century and, for decades, was mistaken for Elizabeth. Its popularity has grown due to nicknames like Isa, Bella, and Izzy, which have landed it in the top 10 and top 3 lists. Twilight enthusiasts will remember Isabella (or Bella) Swan.

  • Irene

Irene is a Greek female name that is known for its historic beauty. The name means “peace” in Greek. Irene is a true classic when it comes to fairy tales and baby names.

Princess Irene, who is best known for the children’s story “The Princess and the Goblin,” is kept in the dark about the dreadful demons who live beneath the mountains until she and her nurse Lootie stay out too late one night.Irene was one of the most prevalent names in the Roman Empire and several early saints’ names. 

  • Ida

Ida is a female name originating from the Germanic word “id,” which means “labor.” Alternatively, the name could be tied to the Old Norse goddess who inspired Hans Christian Andersen’s story “Little Ida’s Flowers.”

Ida has the expression number five, which implies they thrive in environments that are constantly changing and exciting. They are highly creative and adaptable individuals who can make good use of their freedom. They may become restless if they feel overly bound by conventionalism’s standards, but that’s only because their adaptability allows them to think in various ways.

  • Isabel

Isabel is the Spanish variant of Elizabeth, in case you didn’t already know. Remove the “El” and replace “beth” with “bel,” and you’re done. The name “Elisheba” comes from the Hebrew word “Elisheba,” which means “God is my vow.” Isabel has several sisters: Isabelle, Isabella, Elisabete, and Zabel. 

Isabel has been a significant name since the Middle Ages, even if it isn’t as popular with American parents as the French variant. Spain’s Isabel, who financed Christopher Columbus’ far-flung explorations, is the first queen that schoolchildren are commonly taught about.

  • Isabelle

Isabelle is a girl’s name with a French meaning of “God’s promise.” Isabelle is a French version of Isabel, which originated as a variant of Elizabeth in the Middle Ages. The name was popularised in the United Kingdom by medieval monarchs Isabella of Angoulême and Isabella of France. The Scottish form is Isobel, the Italian form is Isabella, and the Brazilian form is Izabel.

Over the last decade or two, Isabelle and her gorgeous sisters have climbed fast through the ranks to take over their mother’s name, Elizabeth.

  • Iris

Iris is the next name in the Cocofinder online list. The first rainbow was created by a Greek god sprinkling seawater across the clouds. Iris, whose name means “rainbow” is now more generally used to denote the colored region of an eyeball and a flower. Giving a baby girl a name from the garden is innovative. There are names like Lily, Violet, Daisy, and many others that have been popular for centuries, but Iris has been a big favorite since the 1800s.

  • Irma

Irma is an Old German girl’s name that means “complete or universal.” It’s a shorter version of names like Ermintrude. People with the name Irma are usually willing to make sacrifices for those who are less privileged. They are smart, reliable, thoughtful people and supporters of equality and justice. They get along well with others and are happiest when they can help others or contribute their time and energy to worthy efforts.

  • Inez

Inez is a Portuguese girl’s name that means “clean, pure.” This name of the prudish mother of Don Juan in the Byron poem, also spelled Ines, has a hint of mystery to it, yet it has also been incorporated into the American name pool.

Inez Milholland and Inez Hayes Irwin were both prominent suffragists in the United States. Inez was the name of Rachel McAdams’ character in the film Midnight in Paris. Ines, Ynes, and Ynez are some spelling variations of Inez. Inessa is a Russian variant.

  • Ivy

Ivy, a climbing evergreen shrub, is a simple and attractive name for a girl. Ivy bouquets were given to newlyweds in ancient Greece as a symbol of loyalty. Ivy is a flower that represents fidelity in floral language. Ivy is also a traditional Christmas name, making it one of the best choices for December babies.

The famous Ivy League is another affiliation. Ivy is the name of a 1970s American Girl doll, and she’s been on everything from 90210 to Gossip Girl, Dollhouse to Downton Abbey.

  • Izabella

Izabella is a Spanish and Italian girl’s name that means “Oath of God”. Izabella is derived from Isabella in the same way as Elizabeth was derived from Elisabeth. Both names are derived from Isabel, a Latinized variant of Elisabeth, originally a Spanish name.


Whether a mom-to-be enjoys traditional storybooks, Disney princess flicks, or cultural fables, it can provide plenty of name ideas from it. Princesses, princes, royal companions, and other lovely characters from other regions have a plethora of name options that come from various sources and have a variety of meanings. 

Cocofinder website has developed a list of names for girls inspired by their favorite fairy tales, both classic and contemporary. There are certainly some fairly beautiful choices when it comes to old fairy tales, folklore, and even current novels and films.

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