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How to Root Android Without PC / Computer 2017 – 10 Apk

Hello friends, welcome once again on my website. Today I am going to share the methods to root Android without PC / computer. All methods that I mention in my articles are tested. With these methods, you can easily root Android without PC. But before rooting your android device, you have to learn about Root and Unroot. Therefore, to help you in learning about this topic, I provide some basic information about Rooting and Unrooting.

As in my previous articles, I often ask users to root their android first to perform some tricks. In my recent post, Top 10 WiFi Hacking Apps For Android also, I asked readers to root their Android first. But many of users do not know How to unroot or root Android without PC. So I have decided to write an article on the topic How to root Android without PC.

What is rooting ??

Rooting is a process that allows Android Operating System users to attain root access over various android sub-systems. Or Rooting can be simply defined as getting superuser rights and permissions of your Android’ software. By rooting your android, you can increase your device’s performance, increase battery life, and can load custom software.

But as every coin has two faces, same here Rooting has advantages and disadvantages too. To root Android without you have to learn about its pros and cons, first, because a little mistake can make your android device of no use! So, to avoid the risk, you have to read correctly Rooting advantages and disadvantages, especially its problems.

What is rooting ??

Rooting is a process that allows Android Operating System users to attain root access over various android sub-systems. Or Rooting can be simply defined as getting superuser rights and permissions of your Android’ software. By rooting your android you can increase you device’s performance, increase battery life, and can load custom software.

But as every coin has two faces, same here Rooting has advantages and disadvantages too. To root Android without you have to learn about its advantages and disadvantages, first. Because a little mistake can make your android device of no use!. So, to avoid the risk you have to read properly Rooting advantages and disadvantages, specially its disadvantages.
root android without pc

Note :- Please Read All Steps Carefully Before try to root / Unroot Android Mobile Without PC /Computer. I am not responsible for any Fault. But my all methods 100% working for android rooting and Unrooting.

Top Reasons to Root Android Without PC/ Computer

1) Unsupported Apps

unsupported apps

Sometimes, some apps shows an error ( you need to root your android first). Then rooting can help you to install such type of apps. Rooting can gives you the power to access and to do a lots more tasks with you device. And also you can install some important tools and vpn in your phone.

2) Boost Your Mobile’s Speed

Boost Your Mobile's Speed and Battery Life
Some android devices does not provide you proper speed, and does not work smoothly. Sometimes, we try some task cleaner apps to boost up our Phone’s speed. But none of rooted task killer apps are able to kill all task in our mobile. But if you will use rooted task killer apps then you can able to kill all apps in your android device, and boost up your phone’s speed more better. And When you will kill unwanted tasks in your mobile’s then your battery life will automatically increase.

3) Block Ads in Any Android App

Block Ads in Any Android App
Friends, in present time many web developers and programmers use ads on apps, games, some software and websites to earn money. Because this is the best and easy way to earn more money. And you to need to root android without PC to block such types of ads. You can get more fun on you android games and you will not disturbed by unwanted apps. After rooting your android device you have to install lucky patcher in your android device. Then only you can able to remove ads from your android apps and games easily. And can enjoy more fun with your android apps and games of your mobile.

4) Remove Preinstalled Apps

Remove Preinstalled Apps
Nowadays all android companies are giving Pre installed apps Like:-

Play Books
Play Movies
Movie Studio
Unwanted Games
News & Weather Etc….

And without rooing our mobile we can’t be able to remove Pre-installed apps from our android. It’s also a reason behind we need to root our android. After rooting android mobile you can able to remove Pre-installed apps from your mobile phone. But with this you need some tools to remove Pre-installed apps from your rooted android mobile.

5) Latest OS Updates

Latest OS Updates
After android rooting you can easily update your Operating system also. Because some custom ROM are available on XDA Websites. You can find them in google also. And you also can flash it in your android mobile. Some of the ROM are available with different OS Versions. Then you can also try different ROM and flash it on your android mobile phone.

Advantages of rooting android phone

Advantages of rooting android phone
Every thing comes with its Advantages & Disadvantages too. So, here explained some Advantages of root android without PC or computer. After reading this section of advantages of root android device without PC, don’t forget to read its disadvantages.

  1. After rooting your mobile, you can do anything with your android. Because after rooting you have full access on your android. If you want to uninstall some Pre installed apps, then you have to install Link2SD app in your android and then you can easily uninstall Pre installed apps from your android device by rooting your device.
  2. You Can Also Increase Your rooted Mobile Phone’s Internal Memory and Increase Ram Also.
  3. Increase your Phone’s Battery Life and Performance with Greenify application, After use this app. it will increase your phone Performance and battery life. this is the most advantage for your rooted android.
  4. And one also most important benefit for your rooted mobile phone. after rooting is that you can Flash some custom ROMs. like
  • AOKP
  • CyanogenMod
  • Hive ROM
  • LeWa OS
  • MIUI
  • OmniROM
  • Paranoid Android
  • Replicant

Disadvantages of rooting android mobile

Disadvantages of rooting android mobile
As I mention in previous section, every thing comes with two faces i.e; advantages and disadvantages too. Same, Rooting also has its disadvantages too. Here described some disadvantages can make you understand properly about Rooting. So please read carefully below given points.

First and Most important Disadvantage in Android rooting – root Voids Your Mobile Phone’s Warranty.

1) Your Phone Might Get Bricked sometimes. And It will be never turn on ever. So be careful before you root android without PC. Whenever you try to root, there is chances of Damaging your Phone and let it in a Serious Condition.

2) Guys rooting is an Illegal Process. So It will void your Mobile Warranty. But if you unroot your android, then it will be back on its Warranty. But before performing any task you need to checkout the whole procedure (How to root Android Without PC) below.

3) After you root android without PC, you’ll not be able to update your android mobile phone to the latest updates via Company. Because Company doesn’t Provide Latest Software updates to rooted mobile phone users. But after rooting your android, you can able to update your device via flash only some Rom.zip. All mobile phone’s roms are available in xda websites. So This is Biggest Disadvantage for your rooted phone.

4) Sometimes Your Phone Might be brick, then you will loose all of your data (contacts, SMS) . It can not be recovered ever. So be careful, when you try to root android without PC or computer. I will suggest you to make a backup of your all data in any External SD card, and also, don’t use Internal Storage for important data.

5) Some apps does not work after root android without PC. Because rooting is an illegal process, so some android apps takes your android device as a fraud device. And they do not allow their to run in your rooted mobile phone. For example- Google Wallet app.

Prerequisite Before root Android Phone

Before rooting your android device, you have to prepare your Phone first. I have provided you some steps for instant and secure root Access for your android device. Follow given steps to root android without PC. If you will not follow these steps carefully, then there are more chances of having some problems after rooting. So please read all steps carefully before root android without PC or with PC or computer. All steps that are mentioned, are too important to root android without PC successfully without any problem. To root android successfully and to avoid major problems please read below given points carefully, then only try any method of rooting.

  • First you have to Charge your Mobile Phone battery. It should be at least 60% battery present in your device before rooting your device. Because it may take more time to complete the process of root android without PC So, it will be better for you, to charge your device’s battery full, before rooting.
  • Then Go to your mobile Settings and select “Security” option and then  go to “Unknown Sources” option mark a tick there. Because it will give you permission to install any apps in your mobile. Then after rooting, some apps(supersu, superuser, kinguser) will automatically install in your phone. Without enabling unknown sources you can not access the full process.
  • Make a backup of your all data before rooting. For better backup apps, Open your play store and find some backup apps for your device backup like- Contacts, SMS, Apps. And also make a backup of your all songs, pics, videos in your phone storage to your SD card. Because these types of data files are most important for all of us. So make a backup of your all SMS, contact data via apps, and your all personal data like- songs, images etc.. in your PC or external storage.
  • Guys Also Be ready with the stock ROM of your phone. Because many of times when you try to root your android, your phone get bricked. In this case if you will have stock ROM, then you can repair/ unbrick your android device. Most of all phones stock ROM are available on some sites and you can find it on google also. If you find any problem about your mobile’s stock ROM, then comment below, I’ll try to sort out your problem. And also I will provide it you with complete flashing method with PC or without PC. Then after flash stock ROM, your device will unbrick completely (Like a New Phone).

Some Methods For Backup Contact Or SMS in Android

1) Backup your Data Using Inbuilt Backup And Restore Option
Some android devices provides default Inbuilt Backup And Restore Option in thier mobile devices. So you just need to find it and use this option, steps are given below for backup your all data carefully before root your android.

  • Find app Backup and Restore in your apps bar.
  • You will see two options there, first will be BACKUP and second one will be RESTORE. You have to click on backup option to make a backup of your data.
  • There also will be two options, first will be backup your personal data and second one will be backup your apps data
  • Just click on any of the option, and click on Backup To SD Card, then this app will automatically make backup of your all data in your SD card.

2) Backup SMSs, Using SMS Backup & Restore App :-
This is the good app to make backup of your phone’s SMSs in your SD card/ PC or any external storage. Or you can easily download this app from play store (links given below).

  • First of all Download app from Here
  • Then Install in your mobile and open it
  • Now click on backup, and it will backup your all sms data in your external storage (sd card).

3) Backup Contact Using Individually Contacts Backup
This Feature comes only in few android devices, it is a very easy method. Here are all steps for using this Feature.

  • First open your contact in your phone
  • When you opened, press menu key
  • If you see “Import/Export or Export To SD” Then click on that option, and if you are asked permission to create a Vcard, then Click on YES.
  • And copy your all contact in your sdcard easily

4) Backup Contacts In Your Gmail Account
Guys this is the best method to make backups of your contacts. As every person is having a Gmail account nowadays. If we store our whole backup in Gmail, then it can allow us to restore our all contact in any device. To restore your data, go to settings > account > and sync contact in Gmail account, that’s it. If you want to restore your contact, then follow the steps below.

  • Open your contact list
  • Now hold on any contact
  • And select all
  • Now click on menu key and press copy
  • Then select Gmail, and select Gmail account
  • That’s it, you are successfully create backup to your all contact in your Gmail account

5) How to back up everything on Android with Easy Backup & Restore

  • First download Easy Backup & Restore Here
  • After Download or Install this app, you’ll be asked if you want to create backup of your, then click on yes.
  • You will see a bunch of check boxes next to the things Now select any things you want to back, SMS, MMS, call logs, calendar, bookmark, etc.. select and click OK.
  • Now You will be asked for a save location for your all data backup. then select SD card.
  • Then You will see a progress page. Once completed, you’ll get a pop up window with a summary of what was backed up. That’s it.

So guys these were some method to make backup of your contact or SMS data in your android phone easily. You can use any of the method, mentioned above and be careful before root android mobile without PC or with PC/computer.

Methods For Root Android Without PC / Computer

1) Framaroot

Guys Framaroot is one of the best apps to root android without PC/ computer. Because Framaroot gives simple 3 option menu for rooting. You just have to click any of the option, it provide. And it will provide you instant and secure root easily. If you are using framaroot then your mobile will get rooted in few seconds, without any risk. This app is a trusted app. Personally I will suggest this app first. If this app does not get success in rooting your device, then use another apps, that I mentioned to root android without PC/ computer. This can be happen because framaroot does not support every android devices. So before using it, check supported device list  to root android without PC/ computer.

How to root Android With Framaroot

  • First download framaroot in your android
  • Install it and open it
  • Now Select any Exploit and click on root button
  • Sometimes 1st exploit not work, then try 2nd or 3rd exploit, for root your android without pc/computer.

Download Framaroot

2) Vroot

VrootThis is also best app for root android without PC / computer. And it’s also available for PC / computer. This is a best tool to root android without PC /computer. And also this app works in karbonn and lava phones also. But it does not work in Samsung phones , so if you have lava or karbonn mobile, then only use this app to root your android. And with this it supported all languages and works very fast for all devices. But if you have tried Vroot app & didn’t got success, then try more methods. Because there are more methods to root android without pc. download link of  Vroot  is below.

Download Vroot

3) Z4root

If your mobile runs on the spectrum Chipsets, then Z4root is the best tool to root android without PC/computer. And also for all devices. So if you want to root your android, then must try z4root app. And the best thing about this app is that, it works in all android mobiles and also gives the best UI. Hence, some china mobiles running on spectrum Chipset. If you also have a china mobile then z4root is the best root tool for your phone. So don’t waste time and use this app in your china mobile.

Also, I hope it will work for you. If in case it doesn’t work for you, then don’t worry! Use any other method to root android without PC/ computer. But it’s doesn’t work for every device. Finally after z4root rooting process finish. Restart your phone. Friends there are 99% chances that your device will start normally, but sometimes it does not start. If this happen, it means your android phone is bricked. And then, you have to flash stock ROM and your phone and unbrick your device. Stock ROM flashing method is not hard. But some users can’t be able to flash stock ROM in their devices. And if you are facing the same problem, then comment below, I’ll try to give you solution for your problem.

How to root Android Using Z4root

  • First download and install Z4root in your android
  • When you install complete, then select Permanently root
  • Now wait 1 minute for rooting complete, then restart your phone, That’s it, you are done.

Download Z4root

4) CF Auto root

CF Auto root
As all root tool are made for different mobiles. Same this app also is made for Samsung Mobile phones specially. And if you are having a Samsung mobile, then don’t waste your time and use this app for root your android. And I am sure that you will get 100% success. It is because all Samsung mobiles are supported cf auto root app. And with this app you can easily root your Samsung mobile phone without taking any Risk.

But some tools of it does not work in all devices, so there are chances of bricking your device. If your device get bricked, then don’t waste time and find stock ROM for your mobile and flash it. If you have Samsung mobile then you can also flash stock ROM without PC. Because most of the Samsung devices comes with stock recovery option. And if you want full process for flashing stock ROM without PC / computer. Then you can find it on google easily. Consequently, if you face any type of problem, then comment below.

Download CF Root

5) Kingroot

Guys this is a best tool for Micromax devices. If you also using Micromax device, then this is a best tool to root android without PC/ computer. Because this tool is designed specially for Mediatek (MTK) devices. And most of Micromax devices comes with mideatek chipset, so this tool will 100% work. In addition, it also works for Kitkat smartphones and if you also using any Micromax device, then this is the best app for rooting. Therefore, use this first.

How to root Android Using Kingroot

  • Download kingroot in your phone and open it
  • Now click Green root Button
  • Wait a minute for finish this process
  • After finish, reboot your android and done

Download King Root

6) Towel root

Towel root
This is also a good app to root android without PC. And it’s specially designed for ICS (4.0) to Kitkat (4.4) android versions. So, if you are using android version like ICS or Kitkat, then try this app to root your android without PC. Also, 1 main thing in this app, it’s totally free for you. Because you don’t need to pay any cost for using this tool. And also it’s 100% tested by our team. So don’t waste your time to find any details about this app on google, because this app fully trusted, and if you don’t have any computer or PC then it’s best tool for you.

How to root Android Using Towelroot

  • Download and install it in your phone.
  • Then Click on Make it Ra1n.
  • That’s it, you are done..

Download Towel Root

7) Root Master

This is the fast and secure root tool will give you one-click root access on your Android device without any risk to get super user privileges to enable various add-ones and enhancements at the system level. And it’s specially for Samsung devices. If you need to root your Samsung phone without PC/ computer, then this is a best tool for you. In addition sometimes it works in other devices also, but it 100% works in Samsung mobile phone.

Root Master can boost your battery life rather than non-rooted phones. Also, by optimising the system and performance of your Android mobile using that root access to give more granular control over your mobile phone. With a simple to use interface and clear instructions. Therefore, Root Master is a very good app to root your Android phone without pc/ computer. To download root Master for free, click link below.

How to root Android With root Master

  • Download and install it in your phone
  • Now click on big root button
  • Now wait for finish rooting
  • When it finish, then restart your phone, Now done

Download Root Master

8) GingerBreak

GingerBreak is an app developed by XDA-Developers forum members. Because some Android 2.3 Gingerbreak devices like Samsung galaxy y, Micromax a25, etc. not get root access with any other tools so developers make this tool for root Android 2.3 Gingerbread devices, if you also using 2.3 version android phone.

And if you need to root your android without pc / computer , then this is the best tool for you and I hope this tool working for you, because many a year ago a lot of root tools in my galaxy y phone. But any tool doesn’t work for me, but after trying GingerBreak, I got success to root my phone complete, and I’ll give you a big thanks for xda team for making such a app and also we can easily root our low quality mobiles with this app. Download Link Below.

Download GingerBreak

9) SRS root

Friends, SRS root is not better option for all devices. But if you have china android device and if you want to root it, then first try srs root, rather than others. Because this app design only for china type phone’s and not for all android device. Therefore, if you have any branded mobile, then don’t try srs root. There is also 1 more point about srs root, that some website owners share root tutorial with this app, but actually it is not a good app.

Hence, I’ll suggest you, to not to use this app to root any Micromax device. because it does not support Mideatek chipset. And most of Micromax devices comes with mideatek chipset. Hence, if you are using this app in any branded phone, then there is chances of bricking your device. But sometimes it works. In conclusion, if you face any problem about srs root, then comment below . I’ll try to help you.

Download SRS Root

10) Kingoroot For Android or PC/ Computer


This is also a good and working app to root android without PC/ computer. Because kingoroot is available for both pc and android Operating systems. So if you have pc then you can also try it with pc method to root android. Some times kingoroot android version does not work for all devices. But PC version is more powerful rather than android version to root HTC Devices or more devices. Because in present time most of all devices comes with locked Bootloader. And in conclusion if you also have Bootloader locked phone same as HTC, Motorola, etc.. then we recommended you to try kingoroot pc version.

Download KingORoot

Some Words About Using root Tools And Unrooting

So friends, finally we finished our words about How to root android without pc / computer. Also I hope these methods will surely help you. But also remember that some of the methods above, are for different devices. Therefore, read all steps and all details carefully. In addition you also provided some methods to unroot android without pc/ computer. Because when we succeed to root our mobiles, then as a result warranty voids, and make repairs a hassle.

Sometimes our mobile’s hardware can be damaged also. So we need to go our mobile brand’s service center, then we have to unroot our device first. Because if you’ll go in service center before unrooting, as a result, they will not repair your device in warranty period. So if you also have rooted your phone in warranty period then due to the same reason, you also can face same problem. And also you firstly need to know unroot methods. Because some times mobile camara, battery, mic, etc. can be damaged. And in that case you will be helpless. So, please read carefully unroot android without pc / computer also.

Important Note For root Access Users

Friends sometimes some root tools not install supersu binray automatic, then we need to install manually, but after install manually first check your android phone has root access or not ?. so there are 2 tools for check android root access. then after you check, if your got access result, then go to play store and download and install supersu in your phone, and open it your rooted android phone, then click on Update Binray. Then wait for updating, but sometimes root checker tool show failed root access then you need to again root your android phone with different root tool, that’s a reason i give you 10 methods to root android without pc/ computer

2 Methods to Check Android is rooted or Not?

Sometimes you are not sure about your Phone that it is rooted or not. In this case, you have to check if your phone is rooted or not. So, Follow Below some easy methods to Get information about your android mobile that it is rooted or not. If you have followed any rooting method correctly, finally, if it will show a success message. If you does not follow all steps carefully, as a result, it will showed failed. There are 2 different methods to check your android get root access or not?? Therefore, read all steps carefully to check whether you device is rooted or not??

How to Check root Access With root Checker Approot checker

  • First Download root Checker App
  • Now Open it, & Click on root Check Button
  • Then it asks Grant Super User permissions, then tap on grant.
  • If it not ask Super User permissions, or show failed error, That means

How to Check root Access With Terminal Emulator

  • First Download Terminal Emulator From Here
  • Now Install It and Type su and press enter
  • If there’s a pound sign (#) then you’ree rooted
  • you might also see a pop-up for asking you to give the terminal app superuser permissions, then tap on grant.

How to Unroot Android Without PC / Computer

When we successfully root our mobiles under warranty period, then it make repairs a hassle. Then when our mobile’s hardware damaged then we have to go our mobile brand’s service center and also we need to unroot our device first of all. Because before unroot you’ll go in service center, then they will not repair your device in under warranty period. So if you also have rooted phone with warranty. So you also need to know unroot method first, before try to root. because sometimes mobile camara, battery, mic, etc. damaged in case. and then we are going to service center without unroot our mobile phones. so please read carefully also unroot android without pc / computer

1) How to Unroot Android Using root File Explorer

First you need any root file explorer

(If you don’t know, what is root file explorer, then i explain you. Ex- ES File Explorer – If you have es file explorer, or a rooted phone, then you can also make ES File Explorer to root explorer. After you open ES File Explorer press menu key, then scroll down, and enable root Explorer Tap grant on Super User permissions. Then done. you are successfully create a root explorer.)

  • 1) Now open root explorer and open Device/system/bin/
  • Then Find and delete the file named su
  • Now go to Device/system/xbin/.
  • Then also Delete this su file here as well.
  • Now go to device/system/app/
  • Then Delete the Superuser.apk file.
  • Now Restart your android phone. That’s it, you’re done.

2) How to Unroot Android With SuperSU

  • First open SupetSU
  • Then click on settings
  • Scroll down and click on “Cleanup”
  • Now click on “Full unroot”.
  • Now click on “Continue”
  • Then Restart phone
  • That’s it, you are complete Unroot your android phone

How to Unroot Your Android Flashing Stock Rom

  • First find your android phone Stock Rom
  • Then Find Your Phone USB Drivers
  • If you have Samsung device, then flash via ODIN
  • If you have any Mideatek Device, Then Use SP Flash Tool
  • For More Details , Google It


Rooting is a most important task for android user. Rooting your android can unlock the full mobile, if you have android device. In addition you can do a lot of fun with your mobile / tab. Also You can easily install custom ROM to upgrade your android mobile.

Actually after android rooting you can do something special with your mobile. You can change your phone ROM for better look. And simply you can unleash the power of your CPU by overclocking it. We talk about rooting plenty around here, but here’s the high-level look for the few remaining uninitiated. By gaining root access you can modify the device’s software on the very deepest level. But it voids your android mobile warranty. and 1 small risk that you could completely break your android mobile phone forever.

Rooting Android Mobile Phones is just an Easy Process. You just need to understand the same process that I mentioned above. But before proceeding towards rooting, make sure to read advantages & disadvantages of rooting android mobile process. So, if you root android without PC / Computer, than you can easily unroot your phone without any risk. Above, we have discussed several methods to root android phone without computer which can root almost every device. Hence, If you are unable to do this process properly then comment your problems below.

[Video] What is Android Rooting in Hindi (Advantages and Disadvantages)


Final Words:

Thank you friends for visiting my site. I hope you like the article. Please not that friends, perform any task at your own risk, I will not be responsible for any fault. For your convenience I also tested these methods. In conclusion , if you like this article then please share it with your friends, family members and others. And don’t forget to share it in your social networking sites like Facebook and twitter etc. Till then bye bye and have a nice day 🙂 .


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  • No Offense to the Author but your article is full of errors and information that simply isn’t true that would discourage the normal Android user from Rooting and becoming a real Power User… That being said- #1: ROOTING YOUR ANDROID AND UNLOCKING YOUR BOOTLOADER IS NOT AND NEVER HAS BEEN OR WILL BE **ILLEGAL**!!!! In the very early days of Android(cupcake, donut, eclair, froyo, etc) it was almost guaranteed that your service provider/manufacturer would void your warranty because it was very easy for them to tell if you had modified your device(Unlocked bootloader, Root)- Today it is next to impossible to void your warranty this way as many bootloaders are relockable and getting rid of root is just a matter of a tapping your screen a few times!
    I know this is a kinda old thread to write this post on but something needed to be said… If anyone happens to stumble across this thread like I have and needs ANY assistance at all with Root, Recovery, Roms, Kernels, Mods, Tweaks, or whatever get ahold of me on xda-developers.com my handle is undeadking

  • Mere pas samsung glaxy grand neo hai uska version 4.2.2 hai aur bhaut time se koi v update nhi a raha 3 4 saal ho gye hai me mobile version ko update krna chahta hu koi secure tarika bata jis se mobile v damage na ho

  • I need to Root my ZTE 831…….. Supposedly there is no Root access for it. I don’t believe that. Any suggestions???

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