Hello friends, Today in this article, we are going to share some of best PPD site of 2018. You can quickly make money with these Pay Per Download websites. There are too many advantages and disadvantages of using a PPD site. We will discuss more on this topic in below section. We have a list of working list of Pay Per Download Websites. But first, you want to know that what are PPD Sites!

What are PPD Sites?

Firstly i want to make it clear the full form of PPD (Pay Per Download). Now let’s discuss more on this topic. Some of the sites available on the internet with upload and download feature. Many of peoples using Google Drive, MediaFire, Dropbox, etc. But these sites are free, and they also provide higher download speed. There are too many bloggers and other peoples, who want to earn money from home. So PPD sites are one of the best ways for them. Some of the sites (below listed) would give you money if your file downloaded from there server. Let’s move to in-depth section.

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PPD sites using too many ads and surveys also. So if you will upload a file on it and someone tries to download the file, then the user will redirect to some other page. And if He/Se will come back and download that file, then PPD site will give you money for the download.

Should You Use PPD Sites?

These sites are only for those who want to earn money. If you are providing crack software and movies on your website/blog, then you should try PPD sites. But if you are working on a tech blog or a brand site like me, then i will not prefer you to use any PPD site on your blog/Site. Because users don’t like to face any annoying ads, and it can also affect the traffic of your posts. Even if you will rank your site in the top on google.

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Types of PPD Sites

Two types of PPD sites available in the market. First one is Survey and the second one is Without Survey. Survey sites pay the highest amount for each download because 90% of users can’t complete the survey. On the other side without survey PPD sites pay the very low amount for each download because 90% of peoples can easily download files from them.

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Best PPD Sites With Survey & Without Survey

1. Fileice (Survey)

Fileice is one of the best pay per download website to earn money. They will pay minimum $0.50 to maximum $2.00 for each successful download. Just make sure that you are following criteria of Fileice approval policy.

Fileice SignUp

2. Sharecash (Survey)

This is the BEST incentive network out there. They started as the worlds leading PPD network, and now they are back and better than ever. You will get around $0.30 to $0.15 for each successful download.

ShareCash SignUp

3. UsersCloud (Without Survey)

It is the best PPD site, and i am also working on it for some files only. You can get a little money from it just for the side business. Don’t depend on UsersClod to earn money, because they will pay the meager amount for each successful download. Also, read the policy of every PPD site that i mentioned in this post.

Userscloud SignUp

4. IndiShare (Without Survey)

Indishare is for those, who are working on movies and songs download sites. Indishare providing faster download speed instead of other PPD sites of 2018. But they will also pay the little amount for each download. You can check their rates on the website.

IndiShare SignUp

5. DailyUploads (Without Survey)

They will pay you up to $15 from 1000 downloads made from your files. Your files must be minimum 1 MB in size! We will count only complete downloads. Don’t cheat! Abusing the reward system will lead to permanent ban. Your File size must be at least 1 MB in size to get rewarded.

DailyUploads SignUp


We shared best PPD sites of 2018 in above section. We also described everything about Pay Per Download websites. If you still want to ask anything about them, then feel free to comment below. If you want more information about any particular PPD site, then visit the website and check anything you want like pricing or minimum payout, etc.

Jitender Singh, the owner of this site, is a technical expert, SEO expert, YouTubber and a experienced blogger by profession. He basically belongs to a middle class family in Faridabad.


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