Do you love anime? I’m sure you do! Anime came out as a Japanese cartoon culture in 1917 which utterly re-originated as a new style of art in late 1960’s. These Japanese animation styles are now known as anime which is much appreciated in western cartoon culture. Anime is getting its love from the audience all over the world as they are made to be enjoyed by individuals of all age groups. So let’s talk about some best anime websites.

Best Anime Sites To Stream Anime Series


If you’re like me, which I guess you are probably! You will head to kissAnime( for watching or streaming your favorite animes. Something tragic happened with kissAnime about four months ago, when one of the best anime sites went down due to media server issues. It was down for nearly seven days, and it still hasn’t fully recovered yet. So, we need some excellent anime sites which we can rely on to stream anime episodes.

About KissAnime

I’m sure you know about it already, but still. KissAnime is one of the best anime sites to either stream or download animes. It also has a community, active chat rooms, manga collections, etc. You can look for an anime by genre or randomly. All kind of animes including sub or dub versions are available. Its the best anime streaming site because of its fast load speeds and configurable video quality.

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9animes is one of the best anime sites when comes to HD anime streaming. It comes with a beautiful black, purple ascent. Also, it has a huge database of anime which you can sort via genre, date of release, language type, etc. It also gives you the option to watch English dubbed animes, so no worries if you’re a not a subbed anime fan. Also its free, you don’t have to register yourself or pay for any monthly or yearly subscription. Sweet!

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It comes with a clean interface and offers simple navigation through the full series listing, highest rated series, genres, etc. So you can watch anime either of your taste or trending animes to keep up with the anime gossips. Most of the animes available are subbed with HD video quality. If subbed anime is your thing, then go ahead, give this site a try. Also, this site has the least advertisement! so no buggy ads!

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It is one of the best anime sites to when it comes to streaming dubbed animes. If you’re a dub fan, then you will surely like it. The website is clean with easy to access navigation. It has more than 2500 dubbed animes in HD video quality. You can find new animes in a recommended tab or via searching genre. Most anime websites offer subbed anime only, its good that there is something good for dub lovers too!


Most anime sites have a large number of advertisements and a decent interface. And chia-anime is no different. It has a large library of animes including all mainstreams anime series. The sites hosts both sub and dub version of anime which you easily figure by checking the anime thumbnail. You can watch every anime title with HD resolution.


Many anime sites offer you free content in an exchange with your private information, but AnimeFreak is different. it provides both dubbed subbed animes at no cost. This a huge selection of anime titles which you sort via genre, popularity, latest anime trends etc. This is one of the few anime sites that also offers users to read the manga, Just like Kissanime!


So, guys, these were the best anime sites which we came to know so far and serves as a great alternative to KissAnime. If you think we missed a few titles worth mentioning then let us know in the comment section below.



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